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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. I do enjoy Dynasty a fair bit, I really need to make my way through the whole series one day, and The Colbys...

    BUT I've always enjoyed Falcon Crest and Knot's Landing over it. Falcon Crest for the campery, and Knots for its quite amazing plotting out of all the 80's prime time soaps (and of course Donna Mills' all time icon, Abby)
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  2. Yes, the famous Moldavia massacre! It's funny - I think of it as both the show's best and WORST storyline. I mean, it was ridiculous but I remember everybody talking about it in the summer of 1985 (and it was exciting and shocking). But then the resolution was so ridiculous that you could literally hear the televisions around the world switch stations.

    The main criticism was that none of the main cast members were killed off. I wonder, though, if they had killed off a main cast member if that would have made more of an impact. I think Dynasty was already hitting its peak so I think its ratings would have naturally declined (also the Rita/Krystle storyline was already starting before the season finale and fans didn't like it - although I didn't mind it).
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  3. The Moldavia massacre was amazing. It was properly dramatic at the time but such a total let down when it turned out no one important had died but they did use it to get rid of all the dead wood including Stephens wimpy boyfriend.
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  4. By far the most vicious catfight.
  5. And Ali MacGraw. Good grief, her acting and character were both terrible.
  6. I forgot Ali McGraw was in it.

    Who did she play again?
  7. In one of the funniest finales ever! I loved it.
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  8. "They're gonna kill us all!"
  9. Lady Ashley Mitchell.

    She has a bizarre "thing" with Jeff.

    Terrible wooden actress.
  10. I am happy that after having all Dynasty on DVD since a couple of months ago I also have The Colbys. Very happy.
  11. Where did you get The Colby's from???

    It's my Holy Grail of lost TV treasures.
  12. OMG it's on DVD!!!

    When did this happen? I must have searched for this every six of months for the last decade. How did I miss it???
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  13. It was last May on Shout Factory. It's wonderful, isn't it? And last fall, a Canadian company released the entire Hotel series (another Spelling production) in full. Not remastered but still nice to have it on DVD (no bonus features, though).

    However, Shout Factory added interviews to their Colbys set, which is great for fans.
  14. Is the Colbys set at a respectable price yet? I am not paying more than £20 to £30 for two seasons only.
  15. I want the version dubbed into Spanish.
  16. I was hoping to surprise some people with The Colbys DVD! I was also blown away when it was up for pre-order last year, along with a full The Nanny release. The price was absurd and unjustifiable! But I had to have it, if only to watch Maxwell Sheffield, sorry, Caulfield, in trunks. Yeah.
  17. I just finished Season 1 of The Colbys.

    My god what a ride that season was. I haaaaaate Francesca possibly my most hated character in the entire Dynasty universe. How could anyone possibly like that character after she actively stole her sisters husband of 29 years.

    As for her acting my god terrible so wooden like Ali McGraw (strangely those two look alike)

    Sable and Zach I am rooting for big time in Season 2. What chemistry those two have totally electric and multi dimensional.

    Bliss is gorgeous but pointless her and Seans drama has bored me to tears.

    On to Season 2 (so sad it's the last)
  18. I'm still waiting for it to go down in price (Although I'll probably spend twice as much getting drunk tonight maybe I should reconsider my priorities).
  19. I got it cheaper second hand haha
  20. Well obvious when I say cheaper I mean cheaper than it currently is on Amazon Used & New.
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