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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. This week's episode was really great. Loved Dominique but have to agree she totally feels like Alexis 2.0, even her arrival and the way she's handling everything so far. I still wish they'd get rid of Sam and Cullhane.
  2. I think they should’ve had Alexis exit and just introduce Dominique.
  3. Dominique had had more of a heart in the original. Her first meeting with Alexis is iconic.
  4. OG Crystal's new gig got picked up @ ABC

  5. This is a weird take sis.
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  6. Bloody great episode! Blake and Dominique have a genuine chemistry- this feels like a very real rivalry. Again, I didn’t see the twist with Cristal coming
    - she really is one devious bitch. Culhane is clearly going down for this. Also, I was very worried that all the character work they had done with Kirby was going down the pan- and yet she remains one of my favourite characters.

    Adam is suitable creepy, but this weekend it wasn’t one-note, pantomime style. It’s believable and kinda engaging.

    One of the best episodes this season.
  7. I feel like the past few episodes are finally getting good again, there's something to be interested about. Also, I'm not really keen on Dominique actress, she's very wooden on her play.
  8. Good for her but low key gutted she won’t be returning for Season 3 in some spectacularly implausible twist where she sets out to destroy Blake and Fallon.
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  9. The finale was glorious trash.
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  10. The season finale was delicious.
    They should put similar effort to an extend during the whole season though. If they planted the ideas (Trixie, Liam’s child) earlier it would male bigger impact but you just know these writers write the scripts for an episode 5 minutes before shooting.

    Exactly one year ago I was joking they would never kill off Cristal or Steven in the first season... so I’m very cautious about being sure Liam (and Jeff) will be back.
  11. I hope Liam isn’t Dead, I actually thought his relationship with Fallon was cute!
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  12. For a split second when they said it was a male body, I genuinely thought it was going to be Steven.
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  13. Showrunner Sallie Patrick is leaving Dynasty after 2 seasons.
  14. Josh Reims, Season 1 showrunner of Dirty Sexy Money, is taking her place.
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  15. I was shouting at my TV, about Liam! Loved Kirby's little twist at the end.. I'd been thinking for weeks Fallon should let her be in charge. So it was a twist she just took it!
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  16. LiK


    All i'm gonna say is they better not give Liam amnesia next season, I really am not here for yet another good character being ruined.

    It was an Okay finale, loved the ending with everyone bailing ship meanwhile body's are coming afloat. I just want them to stop making Fallon so incompetent and constantly losing, it's such a 180 from seaaon one.

    Find a way to bring Steven back even if he's not gonna be in every episode.
  17. Fun finale, but sadly didn’t match up to the amazing heights of season 1 finale. Interested to see what Season 3 holds.
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  18. Nathalie Kelley is listed by IMDb is being in episode 1, Season 3, and they’re usually a reliable website...
  19. IMDb is not reliable at all. Anyone can add information on there.
  20. It’s not been confirmed but there’s rumours flying around that Ana Brenda Contreras is leaving the show. She’s not been at any table reads and is apparently going back to her old show.
    The actress is fine but I won’t miss the character if she goes.
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