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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. This has to be one of the most fascinating sets I've ever seen. Like, how is this the third actress in three seasons? Nicolette barely lasted. It's such a mess but why?

    Yes, somebody needs to dish.
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  2. As long as Elizabeth Gillies sticks with it, I’m fine.

    Though if she quits, I expect JoJo to be announced as her replacement immediately.
  3. At the rate it's going, it'll just be Liz Gillies playing every character in a different mask and wig.
  4. I need this.
  5. Give me Dynasty: A One Woman Show.
  6. It would actually make more sense for this new actress to be playing the original Celia, rather than Cristal Jennings- she looks far more like Nathalie Kelley than Ana Brenda and has an American accent, whereas Ana’s South American accent was very strong.
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  7. I thought this too she looks far more like OG Cristal.

    The accent thing is going to be interesting. ‘Cristal Jennings’ suddenly developing an American accent is just going to take away the small amount of believability left.
  8. Ana Brenda was really quite good once they started, you know, giving her stuff to do.

    I wouldn't put it past them to ignore the accent issue altogether; no one involved in this show gives a toss about continuity or believability, that much is (no pun intended) crystal clear.
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  9. They should’ve just written the character out and left it at that. We’re now gonna get another actress for Alexis also, it’s ridiculous...
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  10. I think the believability went out the window the moment Liz was drafted in to play Alexis.
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  11. But she did a really good job with the voice I thought.

    I'd watch it.
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  12. Liz nailing Nicollette’s mannerism and voice to T was fascinating although lowkey creepy.
  13. Sam Adekofe (Jeff Colby) is back for Season 3.
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  14. Finally getting caught up on this season, and now that Steven & Sam's relationship is officially done, why do they let Sam stay in the mansion? He has legitimately no relation to anyone on the show now, and essentially does nothing but mooch off the family. He's necessary to the show's drama, but it's confusing to me that him being kicked out isn't a plot point.
  15. I have to say i was not impressed with Cristal 2.0 at all. Much preferred Cristal 1.0.
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  16. Do we know more about who'll play the Alexis when the show comes back? Seeing that she went off to have surgery, i can't imagine it'll be Elizabeth staying in the role.
  17. Nothing has been confirmed yet but they really, really need to nail the casting, and the characterisation, of Alexis- it’s probably the one life-line they have at this stage. I get the impression Nat wouldn’t return but possibly James would to play Steven.
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  18. It seems the role of Crystal is like being the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. No one lasts more than a year.
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  19. I understand that they want to keep as many of the original Dynasty characters as possible, but after it was decided that Ana Brenda Contreras wasn’t returning Cristal should just have been written out altogether.
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  20. 100%, it’s just ridiculous at this point. Remove Crystal and Alexis and focus on Dominique instead.
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