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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. At this point, I honestly hope season three is the last one. There's so much buffoonery the viewers, the cast and the crew can handle, and season two felt immensely underwhelming after a promising first season. This remake just... Became a huge mess. I'd rather have Josh Schwartz focusing on the Gossip Girl reboot.
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  2. Finally finished Season 2, and what a dull conclusion to a very shaky season. The Season 1 finale was one of my all-time favorites, but this had hardly any twists or turns. Having Liz playing two characters was the one thing actually keeping the season exciting by the end, and they barely milked that. Just kill off Cristal 2.0 at this point; the character isn’t offering anything. Or give me a Sam murder twist as he’s barely tied to the plot of the show anymore.

    They really need to ramp things up at the start of Season 3, or I’m out. It feels like the campy, soapy, over-the-top fun left along with Nicolette. All we’ve got now is a boring, low quality family drama.
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  3. Four seasons and 70-ish episodes seems to be the minimum for the CW. I expect they'll renew it for a short farewell run.

    And I didn't finish the original Gossip Girl, so in the words of the late great Aretha, I'm gonna pass on that one.
  4. I don't know if I'll be continuing with Season 3. I finally finished Season 2 this week and it's just all over the place. Fallon buying a publishing house out of spite and it suddenly turning out to be her big dream is just stupid and Adam getting away with anything he does and stumbling upon a hidden family secret that came out of nowhere (and also really bizarre for Fallon to have told Liam that there and then). I just don't enjoy it as much anymore, Liz Gillies deserves better.
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  5. [​IMG]

  6. Rest in peace, iconic queen.
  7. So sad she was fabulous totally underused in Dynasty however her scenes with Joan were gold. RIP.
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  8. What a legend. RIP
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  9. Gutted. Very humble and talented lady.
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  10. So many iconic scenes. Rest In Peace Diahann.

  11. Yay! Get that premium dick, Kirby!
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  12. What the actual fuck?! The new series won’t be on Netflix UK until next year!

  13. Here for iT tbh
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  14. LiK


    So pretty much a guarantee it's getting cancelled then
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  15. I’m gutted about this as the S3 premiere has had great reviews- a lot of people saying it’s back on track. The CW are mad to do this given how popular it is on Netflix.
  16. This reeks of The CW wanting to tank the show and cancel it once season 3 is over.

    It’s so popular internationally though. I know so many people that watch it on Netflix and that are eager for season 3!

    I wonder what the chances are of Netflix taking it over post season 3? Doesn’t happen often I think but crazier things have happened.

    Overall, good premiere. Feels a little more back on track with a tighter storyline.

    Adam is still annoying. Liam is still hot. Cristal 3.0 did a good job, though I cannot for the life of me see her as the season 2 one. Feels (so far) like a completely different character.

    Fallon continues as the saving grace of the show.
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  17. Wasn’t this holding on basically only thanks to international numbers (which means Netflix in 2019)? They’re so done.
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  18. Fallon seeing her dead friend ghost was....a choice. Okay premiere.
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  19. LiK


    Thought the premiere was fantastic. I don't wanna jix it but this felt more inline with what made season one so good. I love that they instantly picked up exactly where they left off, the plot was tight and fast paced.

    I gotta say I really like the new Cristal. I'm glad the writers are self aware enough to insert jokes about the constant revolving door cast changes for that character.

    Kirby is back to being uselees *pretends to be shocked*. I'm hoping they don't have Fallon hooking up with Culhane again, seeing it seems she's gonna be the one to help him.

    The Liam arc is so cliche'd and I'm already bored of it, but it seems he's a series regular now, so i'll hold out hope they won't drag him through the mud.

    Overall a great course correction for the series.
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