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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Alexis on her smartphone in 1986 haha
  2. Lol, what actually is it though?
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  3. Enjoyed the premiere, though I fear they won’t bother to bring Alexis back what with Michael Michele playing Dominique so devilishly well.
  4. Episode 2 was actually great. I'm loving all the twists and the cast.
  5. Yeah I’m not sure there’d be room for Alexis in this current storyline, really. Dominique is fabulous.

    Cristal 3.0 is pretty great. But she feels like a completely different character. It’s jarring, but I’m sure as time goes on it’ll be fine. The sudden American accent aswell? This god damn show.

    Fallon VS Liam’s mother was great campy TV.

    My biggest gripe at the moment as that there’s too many characters. I could do with them getting rid of Kirby, Colhane and eventually Adam (his antics are getting a bit stale now). Hell, even Sam being around is still pointless. But he’s fit so he can stay.
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  6. LiK


    Adam needs to stay, but Culhane and Kirby being regulars still doesn't make sense.
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  7. Well ...
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  8. I haven't seen Elaine in anything since The Parent Trap but I'm 100% here for this.
  9. She must be appearing soon as pics of her and Dominique together have already been posted on IG by Michael Michele.
  10. LiK


    She should be in the show by episode 5 or 6.
  11. She looks good.
  12. She kinda looks like a grown up Fallon honestly.
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  13. Exactly! Which is a very good casting move considering the circumstances.
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  14. I can’t wait.
    Now if only they’d pull their fingers out of their arses and get it on Netflix before the fucking show gets cancelled!!
  15. Deleted scene with Nicollette & Nathalie from the first season, it's from episode #1.17 "Enter Alexis". I used to enjoy the show so much back then ...
  16. Looks like a very credible recast and the buzz around her has been great. I just hope they actually do the character right this time.
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  17. Has anybody seen Adam Huber's (Liam) NSFW modelling pics? Wowza.

    Love the new look Alexis btw.
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  18. Yep, that one caught me by surprise.
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  19. Where. Are. The. Behind. Shots.
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