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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. It was more the frontal I was enjoying!
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  2. A pity that we only got a couple of seconds of Alexis and now the show won’t return till the middle of January.

    BUT of those 15 seconds we got, she seemed absolutely fierce. I reckon this is the perfect recast.
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  3. Agreed! And Dominique was hilarious in this episode “Skank, skank, skank!”
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  4. Season 4 is ago. Get them coins Miss Giles.
  5. The question is - who is playing Cristal in Season 4?
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Season 3 is nowhere to be found on Netflix UK and I’m getting impatient!
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  8. @roblognick Apparently, we won't be getting it until sometime after the season ends in May.
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  9. Oh, I'm all for that. Roselyn would be amazing in this show.
  10. Now this is a recast I’d be here for! No offense to Daniella but.... I kinda hope they do recast Cristal again dddd.
  11. The constant recastings are the best thing the show has going for it.
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  12. There have been discussions that they may upload half the 3rd season in March, with the rest following in June.
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  13. I didn't know that! I would be happy if they did.
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  14. I am 100% here for this, yet I have got to ask.....

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  15. Apparently it’s been doing decently on the CW app.
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  16. The new Alexis is pretty dire.... Liz went out of her way to portray Alexis in the same way Nicolette did, but they seem to have completely thrown that out the window now. Elaine just isn’t a very good actor either unfortunately.
  17. Oh wow, I totally disagree- I thought Elaine nailed it. She managed to do Nicollette’s drama and theatricality, whilst also expressing Joan’s ruthlessness. She seems to be getting great reviews so far. Think I’m gonna enjoy this harder version of Alexis, though I do wish they’d managed to keep Nicollette, albeit write the character better.

    Michael Michele continues to be my favourite, I think she’s brilliant as Dominique and I LOVED the twist on the classic champagne conversation.
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  18. I miss Cristal 1.0
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  19. I think it does well internationally on Netflix too.
  20. Latest episode shows just how vicious the new Alexis is...

    “Yes but I was aiming for you, you bitch. And I’m sorry I missed.”
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