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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Season 2 of The Colbys was so so good.

    Channing was such a good character She should've been spun off into Season 8 of Dynasty after the Colbys was cancelled. I'd have preferred her to Leslie.

    Monica having a secret child was so far fetched but provided some great scenes however I felt so bad for Adrienne. Would've been so interesting to see how that storyline would've developed with a third season.

    I actually didn't miss Connie as much as I thought I would.

    Sable has once again been the glue that kept this show together. I wish we had at least ten seasons of Sable not three. I feel a bit lost now with no Colbys Season 3.
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  2. Sable was a brilliant character, I loved her. Not as iconic as Alexis but in many ways she seemed stronger.
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  4. The title will only make the show last one season unless the show is really good and we all know it will fail miserably.
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  5. I was initially excited when I thought they were going to bring back Joan and Linda as matriarchs along with a new young cast but no it's a rehash.

    Just lazy.
  6. No one will ever be as good as Joan Collins in the show, so what's the point?
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  7. Not the CW.

    Since the likely hood of Joan or Linda working together again is nil, why not rope in Raquel Welch, just please don't be a mopey CW teen drama.
  8. From what I've read this reboot seems to focus on Fallon vs a Hispanic "Cristal" which essential was Series One. Have they learnt nothing. That series was dull. No mention of Alexis so far. I can't imagine The CW having the budget to match the opulence of the original. I'm not holding much hope for this one
  9. No reason to worry about opulence though, they just want the name. Sad state of affairs.
    I don't mind Raquel Welch in such a role though!
  10. Raquel would be amazing.
  11. I actually think they would again for the cash. Linda seems the forgiving type.
  12. What went on between them, I am not aware of anything. Did they hate each other like their characters?
  13. Tribal Spaceman

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  14. Just didn't get along much I don't think. Not to the same degree as their characters but very much colleagues and not friends. Joan is the one that instigates it though by bitching about Linda every chance she gets. When they did that Legends play a few years back she couldn't wait for it to be over to slag off Linda.
  15. I'm not sure how I feel towards a reboot. And, really, the CW? Gossip Girl aside, when I think of fist-a-cuffs in a lilypond, it's not sandwiched between Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Flash. That network has changed a lot. I thought Dallas bagged the right ingredients when TNT rebooted their franchise. John Ross, Christopher, and Elena were welcomed additions while fans ate up the continued stories of their beloved favorites. Dynasty isn't Dynasty without Alexis, Blake, Krystle, and Dominique. Plus, I have always held out hope that ABC would somehow find room to house any sort of rehash.

    I'll be keeping my ears open, regardless.
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  16. They need to go in strong, and give us the Dynasty of Seasons 2-5, and 9... they are the only seasons that fully worked in my opinion.
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  17. As ridiculous as it is Season 6 was so much fun aswell. Krystle in the attic while her evil doppelganger ruins riot, the intros of the iconic Colbys, The return of Ben, Caress and her "Sister Dearest" book, the fight for Denver Carrington, Alexis finding Dex & Amanda in bed, vengeful Claudia wanting her oil well....

    Juicy season.
  18. Juicy, but not quite as well plotted as what came before, but saying that, 9 overshadows them all.
    It's so rare a show gets everything so right in it's final season, and having Alexis on half her usual contract really helped... Falcon Crest and Dallas could never, though Knots Landing gave it a good go.

    Let me just reveal to the forum my love for the four best 80's US Primetime Soaps.
  19. Yes Season 9 is wonderful. It's just sad it had a much smaller budget and was only 22 eps.
  20. It's happening...

    And I can't wait!

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