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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. The pond fight with Alexis and Cristal was so poorly choreographed, I was hoping for a wig snatching moment. The Season 1 finale fight with them still remains the best.
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  2. Completely agree. It was terrible- felt like some glitzy pop video. No tension whatsoever (Alexis’ “I was aiming for you, you bitch” was brilliant but I can’t help but think Nicollette would have delivered it better).
    I’m praying they don’t have a cat fight between Dom and Alexis every few episodes as it will just cheapen the show. If they’re going to do them they really need to up their game. Season 1 finale was brilliant- the look in each other’s eyes of pure hatred, the well aimed slaps, the brilliant use of set. The lily pond was wasted!
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  3. I feel like Michael doesn’t really serve a purpose anymore. He could easily be axed and I wouldn’t miss him.
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  4. I think I have to give up. This season doesn’t seem to be building towards anything, almost all of the supporting players serve zero point, and Elizabeth Gilles is carrying the entire thing on her back. There is no fun anymore.
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  5. Wow I’m totally opposite after episode 11- things have really kicked up a gear (finally)!
  6. So I’m actually really enjoying Wlaine Playing Alexis now! She’s really pulling off the similarity’s to Fallon so well!
  7. RMK


    The season two finale was really good. I do feel like now, somewhere in season three, the writing has shifted. There's a lot more light-heartedness and.. Humor? There's been some change, and I can't put my finger on it.

    I'm also not a big fan of new Crystal.
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  8. ....On January 7, 2020, the show was renewed for a fourth season! I mean this with love, but how on earth is this still going!?
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  9. Liz Gillies really has some singing voice. Have any of her performances from the show been released?

    Really makes you wonder how Nickelodeon went with Victoria Justice as a lead actress/performer in their starting show over her and Ariana freakin' Grande's vocals.
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  10. Did I read that she's a popular guess for one of the contestants on The Masked Singer USA this season?
  11. The CW and these black & white noir episodes...

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  12. I think because of Netflix.

    It’s a Netflix original internationally and if the numbers on there are good then I’m guessing it’ll justify keeping it going.

  13. Queen Joan auctioning herself to help the NHS. What a star.
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  14. Brilliant!!! What a star!
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  15. Sometimes a name just screams out at you.

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  16. I miss Cristal #1.

    For those of us in the UK who haven't found other means of watching season 3, it's going to be on Netflix on May 23rd.
  17. I stopped watching after the last episode of season 2. Is season 3 worth watching?
  18. RMK


    I'd say go for it. Especially in quarantine. I stopped watching during a slight lull with a singing/flashback episode (episode twelve), but mainly to wait until it was all on Netflix.

    They normally bring it together toward the end.
  19. They never got to film episodes 21 and 22 before Covid hit, which is a pity because it seems they’re building up for an exciting finale.

    The show had a massive fall from grace after season 1, but I still enjoy tuning in.

    They really need a character cull though. Far too many with bits and pieces of storylines here and there.
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