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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Finally caught up and the show is even worse for wear than before. Elaine's Alexis is so stiff and her delivery of the tragic one liners they give her are quite painful to watch. The writers really don't know how to write Alexis do they?

    Another thing, where is the overarching storyline?! The constant fighting in and out of love of Liam and Fallon's relationship is exhausting as is episodes like "fallon tries to get Liam's fave band to perform at their wedding". Where is the fighting? The slapping? The DNA of the show.

    On a positive note, Sharon Lawrence (liam's mom) and Michael Michele (Dominique), alongside Giles, know what kinda show their in and deliver succulent camp performances. Shame Lawrence probably won't be around longer after her storyline wraps up, she just gets iT.
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  2. I thought Elaine started off great as Alexis but as the episodes have gone on I’m not a fan. Definitely down to the poor writing. She’s being given shite to work with.
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  3. I don't believe it can get worse, how! hahah
  4. Agreed- Michael Michele is one of the best features of the show.
  5. Season 3 is finally on Netflix! Time to dive in.
  6. I just wanna see the women cat fight and Sammy-Jo get dicked.
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  7. I've been rewatching The Colbys

    Man was Francesca unlikable. Worst lead character in any of the 80s Primetime soaps.
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  8. I have it on a box set upstairs, but I'm doing Dark Shadows now for a soap fix
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  9. Finally watching season 3 now that it's on Netflix.

    Not one person watching at US pace saw fit to warn the rest of us about Blake and Adam's musical number in episode 4. For that, you all deserve to step on a plug at least once a week.
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  10. Alexis and Cristal's fight in the pond was such a damp squib. The fact that neither character was played by the same actress last time they interacted certainly doesn't help.
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  11. I'm midway season 3 and I'm enjoying it a lot, much more than season 2. I have to say that I like Cristal character with Daniella playing it, I like her much better than Cristal 2.0. But for Aleixs, I just can't help but cringe at her scenes, also Elaine delivery is far worse than Nicolette.
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  12. Cristal is a big part of the problem for me. It's not really Daniella Alonso's fault, as I've seen her in other things and she's been perfectly fine, but they're writing the character so differently it's hard to reconcile her as the same person. She doesn't look or sound anything like Ana Brenda either, which doesn't help.

    It's all getting quite reminiscent of Sam Mitchell on EastEnders, where you were asked to believe the character had grown an entirely new personality as well as a new head (and the issue was later confused even further when they brought back the original).
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  13. I have the biggest crush on Grant Show.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Call me Crystal 4.0.
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  15. I just finished Season 2 of The Colbys and right now I am pining for Season 3.

    I feel so cheated as a Season 3 could've been absolutely amazing especially if Frankie had been killed off.

    I'd have loved for her to die and Jason go crawling back to Sable only for her to reject him ahhh!!!

    P.s Stephanie and Riccardo had fantastic onscreen chemistry, Zack and Sabella so should've been end game.
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  16. I’ve never watched a full episode but feel I would love it.
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  17. Its fabulous. Stephanie and Barbara Stanwycks scenes were probably the best thing about it but overall it was very entertaining Frankie and Bliss aside.
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  18. How does Sable come across? I always felt she was slightly warmer than Alexis in season 9, is that consistent with her in The Colbys?
  19. Yes she's definitely not like Alexis though I feel the writers definitely tried to portray her as the bitch in The Colbys. Stephanie's multi layered performance made the viewer root for Sable though in my eyes.
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  20. I'm halfway through season three and my favourite moment so far has been Cristal's complete lack of enthusiasm during the Burning Down the House number.

    Fallon continually getting herself into ridiculous situations to achieve some random goal she's had for one episode is starting to grate on me. It's feeling very Blair Waldorf. We're told she's this intelligent manipulator but she's always making things worse for herself for no reason. Maybe it's always been like this and I haven't noticed as much because I've been watching week to week, instead of zipping through a bunch in a row.

    Hiring Michael Michele has been the show's best casting decision since they got Gillies for Fallon.
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