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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. I definitely agree about Michael Michele, though unfortunately she’s seriously under-utilised in season 3. Fallon is like a completely different character- she needs to be more ruthless in season 4 and show more initiative. She showed in season 1 that she can have good instincts.
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  2. Didn't they soften Fallon in the original series as well to the point where the actress who played her originally walked away and they had to recast her?

    If Liz Gillies was to ever walk away from the reboot, it would be over. She carries the entire show on her fabulously opulent shoulders!
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  3. Yes they softened Fallon in Season 3 around the time Steven was assumed dead, she made up with Krystle and evolved into a nicer more mature person which I personally liked as it seemed like a natural progression.

    I'm not sure why Pamela Sue Martin left some sources say she hated the fame and others that she wanted a movie career (Joan herself stated this and how she made a huge mistake)

    Emma Samms was ok though nothing compared to Pamela (in Season 9 they gave her more meat to work with and more of original Fallons fire though)
  4. I've almost finished s3 and it is an improvement so far. I'm glad Monica has gone.

    Anyone else think Adam is hot. I think it was the singing episode that got me...
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  5. It is sad that there isn't a proper season finale, this was the best year so far.
  6. I needed something trashy to put in the back, so I've been watching this. I've also been reading the comments here, although I'm trying to not spoil myself and get ahead of where I am at.

    The first half of Season 1 was certainly slow, but I agree it picked up quite well in the second half. Nothing groundbreaking, but you know, it's entertaining, witty at times, and enjoyable.

    I gotta admit, it's interesting that "Celia" was killed off in the finale and the actress booted off the series because I thought there was a clear and really visible "change" of direction for her character and writing halfway through the season. It almost seems like they were setting it up for her departure a few episodes prior?

    I wasn't massively impressed with the actress' acting skills, however I don't think they were ever truly terrible, and she certainly never got any "material" that truly required her to do more than what she did on the show. Seems a little pretentious from the writers. And realistically, her character was important to the plot, so it's a pretty ballsy move.

    I'm reading up on it and she kind of admits that "she wasn't prepared for the genre [soap-opera] and didn't dig deep enough for it, and executives eventually told her she wasn't a right fit" - which I think is interesting. She definitely cannot hold a candle to Elizabeth Gillies, but she certainly wasn't the worst actor in the cast. I mean, the guy playing Steven can't act to save his life (although now I'm reading he's got the boot too? I guess, that's consistent on the executives side...).

    What's even more curious about this ordeal is that I'm down to Episode 5 of Season 2, and the actress playing the "real" Crystal isn't exactly wowing me either, nor do I think she's necessarily a better fit for the soap opera genre.

    Judging by the Wikipedia page, there's quite a few more actor changes coming up my way.....dddd mess!! Who in hell is doing the casting and writing the contracts for this show?
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  7. Binged season three in about four days and it was a huge improvement.

    I just think they still don't know what to do with Jeff Colby, which is a shame, because Sam is equal parts hot and talented. His season one sexy playboy version was amazing and now he seems massively toned down. I think he just effortlessly gives everything Chuck Bass was supposed to do on Gossip Girl (and in Ed Westwick's case, it came off terribly forced and grotesque).
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  8. Several of the actors have said on social media that the 4th season is more dramatic, with a similar tone to the first season. I enjoyed the 3rd season but it was too comical at times.
    Whilst I love Elaine Hendrix, I thought Nicollette was the perfect casting choice for Alexis. Thank god we still have Michael Michelle to bring the glamour and tension (fingers crossed).
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  9. Casting Michael Michelle was a triumph for this show.
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  10. Dr Cleo... suddenly I'm interested
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  11. She’s one of the best bits about it- Michael plays her so well, with some great comic moments in season 3 but also this air of menace which they sadly didn’t make enough of and instead saddled her with a silly step daughter storyline. But the actress has said she’s got more meat this year.
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  12. It's already been renewed for a 5th season ahead of Season 4's premiere

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  13. Mess.

    Taking bets on how many of the original cast members will still be in by then.
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  14. Not that I’m disappointed but... How when season 4 hasn’t even premiered?!
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  15. I can only assume it’s because of the Netflix deal? I have so many colleagues and friends that watch it on Netflix. It must bring in big numbers on there.
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  16. Actual scream at this mess being renewed for a season 5. Season 3 was a real dip, so if Season 4 has more in common with Season 1 then I'm here for it. Just no more recasts...
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  17. Liz Gillies looks incredible in that promo picture!
  18. The fact they broke the annual tradition of a NuCrystal.

  19. I know! Was hoping they would at least fuck with us a little in the premiere.
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