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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by rav4boy, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Was he bisexual back then? I believe he's gay in this one.
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  2. I think it depended on the writer/producer at the time. He had overall more female love interest than male (due probably to network pushback).
    I believe he was initially written as gay but they went back and forth so we ended up with a convoluted mess...
  3. I've been using this show as background noise for the past week and two things:
    1. Sammy Jo needs to go. I was looking at the original character's wiki to see how major she was and I saw this "Executive Producer Sallie Patrick said of Sam, "It felt right to make him [Steven's] soulmate."" regarding the reboot. Gag. No. Nobody wants this.
    2. The way they awkwardly try to make this culturally relevant by having the dad be a Trump supporter who calls people snowflakes and says "fake news" while saying liberalism is a mental disorder is a bit jarring.
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  4. I'm finding this show increasingly enjoyable as the season plods along. In terms of Savage/Schwartz shows, it isn't quite as fun as peak Gossip Girl, but I've been looking forward to the campy situations more and more as the episodes have aired. Nice seeing Kelly Rutherford pop up this week, too.
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  5. Loving this. Alan Dale (Anders) makes this show for me.
  6. He'll always be Jim Robinson to me.
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  7. How dare this not get more praise on here. It's delicious TV! [/ad campaign]
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  8. Anyone else enjoying this? It’s definitely becoming a guilty pleasure for me. Most of the Colby characters are great and well acted, Alan Dale is obviously brilliant, and the little twists and scheming are becoming quite addictive. Plus, on a very shallow note, the interiors are GORGEOUS to look at. Latest episode was great and the entrance of a certain character was very well done.
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  9. It's become my guilty pleasure too. I'm really enjoying it so I hope it gets another season. I loved the end of the latest episode. I wonder if Alan Dale will die of a heart attack in this.
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  10. I watched the first two episodes, but it didn't really do it for me. Does it get better?

    I got excited to perhaps give it another try based on
    the clip of nicolette sheridan's entrance
  11. That particular bit you’re talking about is done very well.
    I hated it at first but that’s because I kept comparing it to the original series. If you can appreciate it for what it is, then it’s definitely got potential. If you’re looking for the same television as the original series then you may be disappointed.

    I’m hoping that if they plan on bringing in Dominique then they manage to get someone like Alfre Woodard or Vanessa Williams.
  12. YES. YES. YES.

    And hopefully they'll recreate this entire scene without changing a single word.
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  13. I would love Vanessa to join the show. I have to admit, I’ve never watched the original. I’m just treating the reboot as a bit of trashy fun.
  14. Elizabeth Gillies is really the only reason I continue to watch this. She is doing award-worthy work in a garbage show.
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  15. I echo that that was really well done. I was gripping on because I thought that something dire was going to happen in that moment considering the amazing, heartfelt leadup.

    Does anyone else fancy Sammy Jo?
  16. I do. He’s very good looking. I think he is the second best looking male character after Culhane.
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  17. TOTALLY agree about Culhane, and I think Monica is stunning too.
    The new male character significant to Fallon is also quite the hottie, though he could do with using the squat rack more.
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  18. I forgot about the new guy. He’s good looking too. Yeah, Monica is beautiful.
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  19. I'm somewhere in the middle of the series and I like it - maybe too much. I have the biggest crush on Steven and Colby is cute too!
    That "longer" version of the intro is a mess. I know they don't do long, classic opening anymore but just a text is better than this. They really should do the same as Dallas and bring the opening back in the end.
  20. Just watched the first full episode with Nicolette Sheridan- brilliant.
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