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E-mail/Password Issue

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by jordxn, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. So basically I've lost access to the email I signed up with, and recently changed my password and forgot to update my browser to save the password and I've logged out on my laptop and can't sign back in or change the email to my new one without my password.

    If someone with access could be so kind to update my email for me so I can reset my password that would be great xo
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  2. Surprised this is the only thread on password/email support!?

    I have been logged in to popjustice on my macbook for about 4-5 years solidly. As a result I have no idea what my password is and I would really like to log in on my mobile from time to time but the password reset request never gets through to my hotmail account.

    When I'm logged in on my mac and go to the password section I have to retype my current password to do anything and obviously I can't remember it which is the whole point.

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  3. I have also had trouble with logging on recently.
    Since 2009, this is my third account and i'm sticking with it as with this membership I have been very active.

    Popjustice hates email, I have tried to send a reset password email but it never arrives, as I have a new device.
    Thankfully I still have a laptop that is logged in all the time but I can only use it once every few days,

    Yes please help our holy Mods @2014 we love you!
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  4. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I think @Popjustice is the only one who can do anything concerning logging in, I'll check! x
  5. Thank you!
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  6. Any more updates on this? have had to log in about 10 times already this morning!
  7. Probably too late to be of help, but if you're using Safari or Chrome, your passwords get saved in the computer keychain. You can find them by opening the Applications folder, then Utilities, then Keychain Manager (or just search the computer for Keychain Manager). Then search the keychain for "popjustice." Double-click the "forum.popjustice.com" item and then click the checkbox for "Show password." You'll have to enter your computer password (the one you use to log in - unless, of course, you have it set to auto-login), so if you don't remember that, you're screwed.

    In Firefox - any OS - just open the Options/Preferences and search for "logins." Click "Saved logins..." and search for the URL, then click "Show passwords." It doesn't even make you enter another password.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did what you recommended but popjustice forum doesn't seem to be there - just a lot of old hotels I once logged into wifi from!
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