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Each country should sing in its official language and not in English

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by dinodino, Dec 3, 2021.

  1. It is very sad to see all the countries singing in English. Eurovision loses its hallmark. It is also very nice to hear different languages in music. It makes everything more exotic.
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  2. It is nice but Ireland, UK and Malta were always at a huge advantage befor the change.

    Everyway that I can would not have won if it wasn‘t in english probably.
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  3. It would be nice to see artists singing in their mother tongue, but I don't think it should be mandatory as it would end up with Irish and British mediocrity doing well just because it's in English (like it happened in most years before the rule was ditched)
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  4. That's a very white tourist thing to say ddd. Just say that it would be more diverse.
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  5. Personally, I think the less restrictions, the better. There are some really beautiful non-English songs this year, like the Netherlands for example.
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  6. I like it when they sing the last chorus in their native language, mixes it up a bit.
  7. 7 songs of the top 11 were in native languages last night, while the bottom half was basically full of English songs. And last year the top 3 was in native languages too (Italian, French, French). So there’s really no need for rules when native language is already a success in Eurovision.
  8. English-language songs were very popular in the early 2010s but it definitely feels like there's been a swing back towards native languages in recent years, and it's all the more refreshing for it.

    2022 is the best showing for non-English songs in the top 10 since the language rule was lifted in 1999, with 6 of the top 10 being native languages. The worst year for this was 2014, with just Spain's bilingual Spanish/English entry scraping in tenth.

    Last year's Italian-French-French top 3 was iconic.
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  9. Instead of making it into a rule again, encouraging the native languages would be a better option IMHO. Eurovision is already going in the native language trend as some of friends here stated - also when countries willingly make, produce or send native language songs even when they don't have to, they're creating really essential and good-to-discover songs.

    I agree about diversity, I'd love to hear Swedish, Georgian or some other native lyrics on Eurovision someday. But @Atlas is quite right:

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  10. It would be a huge mistake to go back to the language rule. I really appreicate when countries send songs in one of their native languages nowadays, plus it's fun when Estonia sends a song in Italian, for example.
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  11. Countries should decide themselves on what language to sing. I especially love it when countries use several languages into one song like Leonora did with Love Is Forever. There were elements of English, French, Danish and German in one song. I love it especially when there is an entry that is not their native tongue nor English like Austrian entry Zoë with Loin D'Ici.
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  12. Let's remember our powerful multi-national queen

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