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Early 2000s Rock Chicks Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by slaybellz, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. Encore un!!!

  2. [​IMG]


    Fefe Dobson - Bye Bye Boyfriend



    Score: 6.354

    My Score: 9
    Highest: 10 x 2 (@ohnostalgia, @Music Is Death)
    Lowest: 1 x 1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 3 x 1 (@londonrain) 3.5 x 1 (@berserkboi)

    Bye Bye Boyfriend was Fefe's debut single and lead from her self titled album. It was released in 2003 alongside Stupid Little Love Song (another great track on the album) as a B-Side and charted at #8 in Canada.

    For those not familiar, Fefe Dobson is a singer/songwriter from Toronto. She signed to Island Def Jam Records as a teen and enjoyed quite a bit of success in Canada with her first album. Unfortunately, her second album was plague by label issues, eventually shelved and she was dropped by her record label. She enjoyed another brief moment of success in the early 2010s with her album, JOY, before disappearing from the public eye once again.

    This is what she had to say about the situation in this 2020 Nylon interview:

    "So, the first album was the debut album, and then we made Sunday Love and it got shelved because certain people had left the building and there were budget cuts and whatnot. While making Sunday Love, I was dropped and had to go back [to Canada] and try to figure it out. Through that time, before my third album came out, I wrote on that album you see the credits [for] "Don't Let It Go To Your Head," which ultimately Jordin Sparks did and "As A Blonde," where Selena Gomez covered that song on her album. Then, one day I was in Toronto, and I turn on MuchMusic and Miley Cyrus was singing a song called "Start All Over.” I'm watching this video and I'm like, "Why do I know this song?" And it was one of the songs I wrote during the making of Sunday Love. I just knew then that I had to keep going. It was a stressful time not having the label and whatnot. But then I went to LA and got re-signed to Island Def Jam [by] L.A. Reid. Then I made Joy, and Joy was a successful album out in Canada with "Ghost" and "Stuttering," and then Sunday Love came out years later. I don't even know when it was put out because I wasn't told. It was just put out. ... And then during the making of Joy, I wrote a song called "Round and Round" with Kevin Rudolf, and [Selena] did that one as well. "

    She's basically responsible for a lot of the next generation of rock chicks' songs, so put some respect on her name!

    @livefrommelbs (6) - Yeah, I'm gonna pass on that one.

    @berserkboi (3.5) - This started out with me thinking “What A Pretty Tune! Maybe it just needs a stronger vocalist” til that pantomime style delivery started and made me cringe ddd

    @Sprockrooster (7.5) - Don’t Let It Go To Your Head was the last standing Fefe track in the zeroes poprock rate. Now it is missing so could this track take it’s place? I actually hope Take Me Away does better than it did in my poprockrate. Let’s redeem it!

    @Memoria (6) - The pre-chorus is nice but the rest is lacking decent melodies for me. Bit too much of a nu-metal influence...probably.

    @DJHazey (8.25) - Oooo yes, those grinding metal guitars leaning in to chorus always get me right where it counts. Such a dramatic style of entry. Even though the words make the message seem juvenile, Fefe’s badass delivery helps dress it up as something more sinister. Slay \m/

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  3. I have 3 below-5 scores in the Rate so any of them leaving first is fine by me. However this is the highest of them dddd
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  4. It begins.
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  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    An excellent first cut.

    Everything and Take Me Away are both top-tier Fefe and deserve to easily make the top 20, but this? Bye bye.
  6. There's worse songs in the rate, but this was the weakest Fefe song here, so I'm not mad.
  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @slaybellz, this can’t possibly be 23/24 in the Canadian section if it’s the first cut...
  8. It means there's 23 songs left out of 24.
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  9. [​IMG]


    Skye Sweetnam - Billy S.



    Score: 6.528

    My Score: 8.5
    Highest: 10 x 3 (@unnameable, @pop3blow2, @phily693)
    Lowest: 1 x 1 (@Daniel_O) 2 x 1 (@Blond)

    Billy S. was the lead single from Skye's debut album Noise from the Basement. It was released in 2003 and quickly took off after appearing on the soundtrack of the movie How to Deal, charting at #14 in Canada.

    Noise From The Basement was subject to many comparisons among critics with Avril Lavigne due to their similarities – same nationality and resembling attitude, although Skye described herself as being more of a "girly-girl" and mentioned that after hearing both albums, she could not find any real similarities between their sound, describing her album as "Avril lite," "bubblegum Britney" and "manufactured skate punk". In fact, she even went on tour with Britney Spears serving as an opening act for her 2004 Onyx Hotel Tour in Europe and North America.

    @Memoria (4.5) - I'm sure I would've liked it more at the time but I hadn't heard any of her songs until this rate and at without nostalgia on their side, it's just a bit cringe.

    @berserkboi (6) - With Fefe blocked in Australia - this poor song had to come directly after Nobody’s Home! Dddd, this is better than the Skye stuff I am familiar with, the affectation still grates but the tune is nice!

    @livefrommelbs (8) - Love the production and her voice, hate the lyrics.

    @Sprockrooster (8) - Poprock by the numbers and that does make it sound boring, but it is nothing of the sort.

    @Epic Chocolat (8) - A time capsule kind of a song, it takes me back.

    @DJHazey (8.5) - Skye is one of my all-time favorite artists, especially for having such a small discography. My scores may not reflect that I’m a stan, but I truly love her album tracks more than her singles. This is me thinking it’s kind of turned into what Sk8er Boi has become to me over the years. This is also me thinking it’s far too much of an anthem and handing out a high score regardless.

    @saviodxl (9) - This is what today's youth needs.

    @unnameable (10) - Deserves a shout-out for referencing studying Malvolio in the chorus. Joins the list of songs namechecking Shakespeare.



    Skye Sweetnam - Number One



    Score: 6.626

    My Score: 8.5
    Highest: 10 x 1 (@Crisp X) 9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Death)
    Lowest: 3 x 2 (@Blond, @Slice of Life)

    Number One was Skye's third single from her debut album and despite the song's title, the song did not go number one, in fact it didn't even chart. It did however manage to peak at #22 on the MuchMusic Top 30 Countdown in 2005. Which is difficult to get, not everybody has that.

    @Sprockrooster (7) - The only way I see this track living up to it’s title is that is the number one track from Skye to go.

    @saviodxl (5.8) - Melodically is really uplifting, but the lyrics, guuurl. Even for a teenager this is too childish.

    @berserkboi (7.5) - Hey, look how good she can be when going the Sum 41/Barenaked Ladies route! More this please, Skye!

    @DJHazey (9.25) - The most ‘mature’ sounding single of the bunch and the one that translates most easily to my favorite gems on Noise From the Basement. The other songs are teen pop songs with flair, meant to pull the fans in. This presents the true punk edge I love about her music.

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  10. Definitely got the order of the Skye songs completely wrong! Neither of these deserve to be out yet - and I say this as a reputed Skye disliker!
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  12. Yes at my 10 for Skye being her last song left. No at two of her songs leaving this soon.
    Also, I said I didn't want to lose a 10 first. And y'all didn't listen. I have thoughts and I will express them soon.

    Also re: Skye, I was looking at her discography page, and her band Sumo Cyco's new album is coming out on May 7th. I'll probably get into her music soon, so that's pretty great timing, but that's also the day Aly & AJ's new album comes out.
  13. I agree! Billy S. definitely should have been Skye's last standing song. I knew a Canadian artist would be the first to go but I honestly did not think these three songs would make the bottom three.
  14. I missed the deadline because I don’t venture to this subforum often but am firmly sat in my audience seat with popcorn and a studded belt to watch this all go down.
  15. 'Billy S' the second song out?

    Well, then.

    I always thought that song was a little moment of catchy pop rock brilliance that deserved more love. Obvs, I'll need to look somewhere other than this rate to find that for it!
  16. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  17. [​IMG]
    We'll get through this. I hope.
  18. I'll endorse the "you got the order of Skye's songs wrong" people, but I'm not really mad about it. Poor team Canada so far though.
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  19. I already hate everyone of you.

    Don't hesitate if you need any recommendations. Sumo Cyco always deliver.
  20. 'Bye Bye Boyfriend' was my highest score for Fefe with a 9 oop! This is bound to be another rate of my suffering, huh...
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