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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommie, Nov 21, 2009.

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  2. Eartha did a load of fabulous stuff - "I wanna be evil" was good, and a fun remix was done recently. Her "all by myself/ alone again at 40" medley is bonkers, and I only discovered by watching a slideshow of Nan Goldin photos.

    And of course, there's the camp majesty of "Cha cha heels" - oh for the days when pop acts would find old legends to make high-NRG music with.
  3. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    Cha Cha Heels is fabulous! I was shocked to see it actually got into the UK top 40 as you'd probably need to have seen Female Trouble to "get" the full context as it was originally made for Divine...

    This Year's Santa Baby is an underrated Christmas song. (not really) (well yes) (but no)
  4. Eartha is one of my favourite diva's. Her song Mambo de Paree is just so so hilariously delicious.
    And who can forget her classic disco song Where is my Man - that first introduced me to her back in 1983.

    I remember laughing out loud on the train while reading the passage in the Diana Ross book by Randy Tarraborrelli about Diana and Eartha meeting. Classic!
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  5. I remember seeing Cha Cha Heels performed on Wogan or something as a child and being amazed by it. I literally didn't hear it again for about 20 years then rediscovered it thanks to Youtube.

    An "older" act with a "modern" 80s sound - what could be better?!
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  6. There are no words...

  7. R-834336-1227974382.jpeg.jpg

    I'm so happy I bought this!

    All the J. Morali + Bronski Beat hits in one CD!
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