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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. And how long she struggled to get a job, but Karen got one in just a day.
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  2. I assume Kim is gonna pay for Denise to go on holiday, still, doesn't make sense when last month she had too much pride to ask for a loaf of bread, now she's blagging a holiday.

    I don't mind the new family that much. I'd rather them than the "guess how old I am" man and his constantly exasperated wife.

    I love how Karen is always lighting a cigarette.
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  3. Comeback Queen.
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  4. I think they were trying to play for drama...but it just wasn't.
  5. It's actually become rather...dramatic now? I mean, Steven's meltdowns, the stuff with Alex and Mads reaching a peak.
    Pretty sure Steven is lying about his cancer though.
  6. Steven is so hot I don't get what Lauren's problem is. I bet he is lying about the tumour too. And I hope this isn't the end of the Alex and Mads story, it's been the most entertaining storyline in a while. And Bex is a loser for making up with Louise who was vile to her.
  7. Absolutely! It's just to make her stay with him. She couldn't possibly leave now(!).
  8. He's a needy, clingy, creepy, psycho? He was absolutely lying about the tumour... the whole episode, Abi kept mentioning how Lauren wouldn't look after Steven if he was sick, and so he told her he was sick. Saw it a mile off...

    Alex and Mads aren't finished yet. There's a new trailer hinting at when they next strike... looks fatal next time.

    I hope Phil returns with Sharon this time, but I guess we're still seeing SOC's work on screen so perhaps not just yet. It's ridiculous they just let him go on indefinite hiatus because he wouldn't work with SOC. Anyone else would've been sacked.
  9. Phil is back on the 24/25th July, so he must have worked under SOC at some point.
  10. Yeah, I've just had a quick Google and apparently Sharon Marshall confirmed he's back "in two weeks" on This Morning earlier this week. Given the 20th/21st episodes are during the prom, and the trailer makes it look like someone ends up "fighting for their lives", I guess Phil's comeback will revolve around Louise. If Louise is in trouble/hospital, then I hope Lisa returns. They had her and Phil on the cover of Inside Soap a few weeks back, with "Lisa back to save Louise?!?!" as the tagline, but I thought it was just creative writing.
  11. Of course Steven is lying about the tumour, I thought it was painfully obvious.

    I'm not sure what he thinks will happen, surely after a fortnight with the lack of treatment, and presumably him insisting she doesn't come to the hospital at all, she'll realise he's fine.

    The bullying storyline was quite dramatic, I thought that'd be it, but apparently it's got one final "carrie-esque" chapter. Im guessing ...

    since they're hinting Louise idea..., it'll probably be her boyfriend who ends up on Billys table...
  12. Y'all ready for this week?
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  14. I'd actually given up watching but I went back and watched Thursday's showcase episode and thank god the show can still do vaguely satisfying payoffs for frustrating storylines like the inexplicably effective bullies.
  15. That wasn't even the payoff.
  16. I feel like this brain tumour storyline can't go on for that long, surely? I'm sure Ian & Jane won't find out about it through some miracle aswell.
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  17. I know, realistically he'd be outed within a fortnight.

    Lauren should have still left him, I'd have loved that.
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  18. It would have been brutal, and amazing!
    "Steven, I don't love you and I can't deal with this."
    Lauren walks off. Doof-doof.
  19. I wouldn't blame her, look at everything Josh has to offer.
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  20. Yes but shirtless Steven.
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