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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Getting Nu-Johnny to dress in the same costume as Old-Johnny had me howling... As did that ending.
    Maybe Abs will accidentally set fire to her dress, and then the flat, and that's how they'll go.

    I should write for them.
  2. I love that Karen has her eldest daughter off screen we haven't met yet. Her family is identical to the Millers (apart from there being no dad) rough around the edges, mouthy Mother, teen pregnancy and The Millers had Dawn off screen for months before introducing her.
  3. I haven't watched in weeks, but flicking on just in time to catch Abi in a wedding dress moping around to Antony and the Johnsons made me re-evaluate my life choices, because that was worth sitting through months of whatever tedious dramas the Carters have been going through...
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  4. The look of disgust on Lauren's face when it dawned on her that it was her wedding dress and those were Stephen's dirty clothes Abi was sniffing. Priceless.
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  5. About time EastEnders LIT.
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  6. The Branning Sisters are great, Abi is clearly superior though.
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    I really enjoyed that episode; the less Carters in it the better!
  8. Agree with this! Mick and Linda are probably two of the most annoying characters on the show, Shirley can stay though.
  9. Shirley's Halloween costume is everything.

    Lauren has so much information to deal with and to think she doesn't even know about the pregnancy yet!
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  10. Poor Janet.
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  11. I don't think she will die though! Well I hope not.
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  12. Probably not, I'd imagine the story is in Tina's reaction to it.
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  13. I feel for Tina, but also so stupid how she hit something on Halloween night and it didn't even cross her mind to stop when there were so many children around. But then again her being held at knifepoint probably lapsed her judgement of the whole situation.
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  14. Kathy was finally worth her return tonight. Icon. Shivers.
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  15. Last night's should have been a two hander, who gives a fuck about Janet and Tina, when you have Kathy and Wilmott-Brown in a darkened cafe.
    It's been two and a half years, and Gillian Taylforth has finally been given something decent to do, and it was great.
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  16. Sharon is the dream step-mum for all gay men.
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  17. But she'd hate it if her Denny was one... Like Linda when Johnny came out, and that's the tea.
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  18. Very true.
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  19. SHARON!!!

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  20. I dunno about you but I love to flick through my old family photo albums and remember all the weddings, births and rapes. Wait, what? As if you'd have a photo of your rapist in the family album... c'mon! Jesus. That's just sick.

    Sharon lamping that freak with a glass vase was hilarious. "OI!" *WALLOP*. I'd happily have a mini-series of Sharon, Karen and Denise going around sorting out the bad men of London. Some of the looks Sharon was giving were pure pantomime villain. OH YES THEY WERE! It was a fun episode anyway...
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