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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Living for the inclusion of Karen Taylor in that girl gang. "D'you want me to rough him up a bit?"

    Denise felt like she was making a guest appearance purely for that storyline tonight; she feels so far removed from everything else going on at the moment.
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  2. Honey placing down those coffee cups that couldn't have sounded any emptier. The entire Charlie's Angels sequence. The Vic randomly playing 'Well, Well, Well".

    Tonight was fun.
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  3. SHARON.

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  4. "Sure you dint want me to rough im up a bit?"

    AMAZING. Shame the Tina shit is the A-storyline, I want more Kathy, more Max, and more Karen, Sharon, Denise and Michelle getting drunk after defeating a stalker.
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  5. Yes, it's like the Soap Gods have been reading this thread, particularly me bemoaning her omnipresence and she's been banished for a several weeks. Amen to that.
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  6. Sharon randomly selecting Karen and Denise as her intervention group is so hilarious.
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  7. Mr Pryce's exit feels very 'new producer gets rid of deadwood in the most efficient way possible'.
  8. A very odd episode, tonight... is that the first time they've done a day into night segue mid-episode? It was so odd. Usually, soaps stick to the same morning to evening, all-in-a-day format episodically. The way Gethin was shanghaied seemed very rushed too. I'm always suspicious when something is filmed in darkness (his final scene with Sonia) - makes it easier to insert at the last minute! He literally only moved in to the square a couple of months ago! As if Jack could get out of his rent contract like that, then him pack and leave the square in less than 12 hours - and all with a hangover! Is that the last of Sean's episodes now?
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  9. Sonia was amazing last night... I hope the new producer gives her some decent storylines.
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  10. Alas poor Gethin we knew him... oh, not that well, actually. Quite sad though, because he was one of the new additions I didn't mind.

    Laughed from the belly at Jay's 'get a room' face when Ben and his mother's-rapist's-son were getting frisky in the kitchen.

    And totally bemused by the fact that while Luke appears on social media with his father, no-one's managed to place Luke and his sister together. I am also very much here for Ritchie sleuthing around the square, exposing people as a result of their inability to set up their privacy settings on Facebook and the like.

    Kind of hoping that - when she's exposed - Fi gets pushed face first into a deep fat fryer by Shirley. If only to reprise Lisa Faulkner's scene in Spooks.
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  11. I could do with Ritchie finally moving onto the square.... she's iconic.
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  12. Ian and Cindy reunited at Michelle Collins new skincare range launch.
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  13. Simon Ashdown, who wrote every brilliant episode in the Diederick Santer era, is returning to the show after a four year break.

    I am very excited, huge step in the right direction.
  14. More news:

    Sean O'Connor will finally be removed from the credits in w/c December 4th, which is also the same week as Simon Ashdown's first episode back... when there will be various Branning revealations.

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  15. Can we really say that yet? It won't be truly back until the return of
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  16. Just for context, Simon Ashdown wrote:

    Mel leaving Ian during their wedding, the reveal of Who shot Phil, Little Mo hitting Trevor with an iron, the Stacey and Max Christmas reveal, Whitney & Tony abuse reveal, Stacey's sectioning, Archie's murder, the 2010 live episode, Billie's death, the baby swap, Pat's death.

    Like a Greatest Hits of EastEnders very best millennial episodes... so great that he's back along with John Yorke.
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  17. Is it just me who thinks Josh is looking particularly good tonight?
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  18. This Imogen is a bit of a twat.
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  19. To be honest, I am surprised that hasn't happened already. Tiana Benjamin recently filmed for Holby City, so I thought it might have been a sly way of working her back into EE (with the shows filming in the same place), but she still never appeared. It would be nice for Denise to have something to do as the show really is paying her dust at the moment.
  20. He looked better than usual but is still nothing on Woodie.
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