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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. After the amazing Christmas Day episode - this has been horrific. I get that they only have a limited number of actors in it due to the Xmas holidays etc, but still. .. Im holding on for the return of Tamsin O - if that is poor, I'll stop watching.
  2. Pye


    I was thinking 'My Beautiful Laundrette' a new love interest for Ben?
  3. He's leaving like next week?
  4. Does Abi die next week?
  5. Who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if they've got Lorna signed up for 6 months on a ventilator the way its been going recently.
  6. Abi dies on the 19th (next Friday)
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  7. And is Tanya still supposed to be down the hospital corridor grabbing a coffee? I mean it’s been more than two weeks since we last saw her! I know Eastenders is not famed for being realistic, but....*it’s just not realistic.gif*
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  8. They should've killed Abi off on Boxing Day, when at least Tanya was still around. This life support storyline hasn't added anything.
  9. I know.

    If they only had her for limited dates why not just have her film scenes by Abi's bedside? Rather than randomly bringing her back before the fall to help Stacy realise Max is a lying arsehole? She could have discovered that without Tanya being there.
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  10. Oh and Lauren leaves in Feb btw, but no date yet.

    I'm hopeful that they'll have saved some Tanya scenes back for when Abi dies, that'd be something at least. Considering you know full well that at the funeral we'll have Cora turning up saying ''it's hit Tanya so hard, she can't face coming today!''
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  11. Bet that turns out to be a direct quote.
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  12. Abi has been killed so Lauren can have a 'grief' storyline, basicakly.
  13. I don't think she deserves to be dropped into this mess of a show to be honest. Something has gone very wrong... these off-screen disappearances are mounting. Michelle, not seen since Halloween, but apparently after three months in a new job you can take four months off work no problem; Tanya travelled all that way up from Cardiff (?) to give Lauren a lift to Glasgow on Christmas day but she couldn't care less her daughter has been brain dead ever since; Jane has not returned, despite the reason she left being resolved in November; Luke has been entirely forgotten about; Wilmott-Brown went out with a whimper , Stacey's gone, Phil's gone again, Louise may as well have burned to death last year as she's had about three scenes ever since... moan, moan, moan! But honestly, it feels like the new year heist plot was a quick injection of dramatic farce, added late in the day, and the return of Mel is more of the same. I think Ben's exit is going to be very poor.
  14. Masood is such a twat.

    At least Mel’s back.
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  15. The random disappearances, plot holes and inconsistencies in the past two or three months are definitely much more prominent than I ever remember them being before. I don't know if it's related to key scenes being filmed closer to broadcast for fear of leaks or because of changing hands at producer/writer level, but it's never been this ridiculous as far as I can recall.

    Also, just why would Ben make Kathy a walking target by gifting her that necklace for everyone to see when he knows it's linked to the botched robbery??
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  16. This is very random but I absolutely actively hate his hairstyle, which certainly does not help matters.
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  17. Because he's as dumb as a box of dildos.

    I'm so bored with it right now. Everything has been dragged out. They've shoehorned in this heist storyline then pretty much dropped it with all the people involved have gone on breaks leaving it in the hands of the younguns and part-timers. And their major Xmas storyline hasn't even had a scene this week, but is STILL dragging on in the background with no one really being arsed their friend is dying.

    That said, I am enjoying they Taylors, particularly Karen nabbing Dot's job.
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  18. Oh Ian. Choosing between his wives and thinking Mel is interested in him.
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