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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Rubbish episode! Mel Owen is completely out of place in the current climate. Martin's big hug was... strange. He was about 16 when she left?! Sharon, too... they were only on the show together at the same time for about 6 months or less, and I can't recall them having any crossover storylines. But hey-ho, it's not like it's meant to be realistic!

    Oh, and Jane rang Ian. He couldn't care less, it seems. Weird.
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    Ian is such a fucking terrible character. So is Massood.
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  3. I'm taking this week off. Everything between Boxing Day and last Friday has been so laborious, I need a short break.
  4. Jane calling Ian should have been a huge deal and he should have been itching to call her back, but he couldn't give a shit?
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  5. Honestly they should fire everyone, switch to a writer's room format, and hire this entire thread.
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  6. Hiring this thread would mean I'd have to insist on Abi returning having faked her own death to try and destroy badman Max's world with the help of everyone around her. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, etc.
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  7. The Jane call was the last straw - I have never known it to be so bad. Ill be giving it a rest for a bit.
  8. Don't worry the audience won't even question Abi's resurrection once we've set the stage by bringing Emma back.
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  9. Could we have Lucy Beale step out of the shower and be like "that was a weird dream"
  10. Followed by Ronnie and Roxy being washed up on an Ibiza shore.
  11. And Tiffany Raymond Mitchell finally coming out of witness protection!
  12. Also okay yeah so Max's daughter died and it's softened everyone a bit with the whole shady business dealings thing BUT WHY IS EVERYONE LITERALLY LETTING HIM GET AWAY WITH MURDER HE'S A MURDERER AND THEY KNOW THIS ASDFGHJKL
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  13. Diederick Santer perfected the very mest model of EastEnders that the show has ever seen. Over a three year period, every family had a major storyline, the show was paced excellently with lots of ‘peak’ moments and was laced with lots of brilliant female characters.

    Eight years on, I can’t believe all of these professional people have failed to recognise that if they applied that same model, then the showm’s quality would increase immediately.
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    This Ben stuff is shit, if this is really his exit storyline it feels so wrong that his last scenes aren’t with Phil/Ian/Jay and instead with Mel and that other new woman....
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  15. That was such a bizarre episode. It was like all the main characters had gone on holiday and we were just served the dregs of what was left. And why was every scene so short? It gave the episode a really weird vibe.
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  16. How has Mel become so shit? Why is she wearing that ridiculous hat? Why are any of us still watching?
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  17. One of the least developed relationships in EastEnders in my opinion is Ian and Ben. They're brothers but they have no chemistry and have no "great scenes" based around their family connection. I guess it's largely down to the fact we've had three different Bens, and to some extent the age gap and Jay fulfilling the brother role, but they missed the boat exploiting the sibling rivalry thing with those two characters. Ian perhaps doesn't need the character development but I think Ben would've benefited from it.
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  18. God i was longing for mel to push ben off the ferry. Something. Anything to make the show interesting.
  19. How exactly did Mel manage to swap 600+k with a stack of Walford Gazettes?
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  20. And how did she manage to get onto the same ferry as Ben, and HOW was the Irish gangster woman already in Calais before either of them??!
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