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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. She didn’t - whoever broke the lock on the Arches did. Ben never checked it! The idiot. Was that Ben’s exit? Poor.

    EDIT; It was! He’s gone. Terrible.
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  2. Oh of course, I forgot about that. Although what was the point of getting Mel to follow him there if they already had the money?

    And yeah, that was his last episode. I've never been a bit fan of the character but he deserved better than that.
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  3. No they haven’t. It was someone else yet to be revealed... Jay or Sharon?
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  4. Oh.

    Can you tell I haven't been paying much attention lately? haha. I hope Sharon's stole it to spend on getting her nails and hair done.
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  5. This is still shit I see.

    Thank god for Emmerdale.

    They wasted Steven. He could at least have had a fling with Johnny. It would have given Johnny something to do.
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  6. Or a private investigator to find out where her son is. Maybe I'm not paying attention, but he hasn't been on screen again for a while!
  7. Him and Louise were shown in the audience of the nativity on Christmas eve, but haven’t actively been involved for months. Has Sharon gone to Italy? Who has Dennis been palmed off on if so?
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  8. Or lots of weekly shops. I’m sure that new kettle’s probably broken by now.
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  9. I'm so desperate for Janine to come back. I'm spending most of my free time thinking about it.
  10. I was away last week and can’t be bothered catching up... and I’m not arsed.
  11. You haven’t missed anything. It’s so crap now
  12. When even Corrie managed to hold my interest with fucking dreadful Chesney’s wedding, to Shinurd, you realise how much of a hole EE is in.
  13. At least Emmerdale is relentlessly lit.
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  14. I'm guessing Max has the money? If you think about it, he was paying Bernadette to eavesdrop and tell him what was going on re: the heist, and the red herring was when he told her he wasn't interested in what they were up to anymore, post-his daughter's death plunge. We know he'd do anything to pay for Abi's special treatment, so he clearly broke into the Arches and switched the cash for Gazettes, planning to spend it on Abi. I don't think we'll find out officially for a while yet... but that's who my money is on (pun intended)!
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  15. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Massood being behind the bar......honestly it's a new low isn't it?
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  16. Masood & his new family are unbearable. Dull, uninteresting, “comedy” characters with no storyline. I always liked Masood in the past but this is just dreadful.
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  18. Please let him have died off-screen. It's what he deserves.
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