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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I guess it's better than having her appear in one scene every 6 weeks.
  2. A monumental failure.
  3. Me Mum got sacked once, didn’t she Sharon?
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  4. That really is pathetic. After all that time, they had the balls to re-cast her, but forgot to give her any storylines or even regular appearances, and now they have got rid of her? The character of Michelle deserves better. I think they should have stuck with it, gave her a proper home and family and reviewed it after 18 months, but hardly a year is a joke. It just makes the whole sacrifice of the re-cast a joke. Now she wont ever come back and it fucks with the Mitchells (Mark Jr, Grant), the Fowlers/Beales (Martin, Ian) and the Watts (Sharon, Vicky). Now that she has re-connected with everyone, her absence from future funerals, weddings and dramas will be even more ridiculous than it was before. I already know her exit will be utterly limp, probably worse that Johnny's. Very disappointed.
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  5. This is the least shocking news ever, considering she goes missing for months at a time and is practically an extra when she's actually in it.

    To say that she's ''run out of storylines'' is such a bullshit excuse though. If a scriptwriter can't come up with a storyline for a character like her, they probably shouldn't be working on the show.
  6. I expected this, but it seems especially ruthless. And they brought back Mel, of all people? And the influx is Slaters is a bit obvious. "If you aren't a Slater, see you later." I'll say it now: the show is worse under John Yorke.
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  7. She shouldn’t have even come back from Vicky’s and Sharon could’ve said “she decided to stay there!”. They totally ruined the character’s life and backstory to bring her back, what a waste. I had hoped they’d re-introduce Vicky and start to create a place where she could establish herself as a solid character...
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  8. They done fucked Michelle up. Repeatedly.
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  9. See also Kim and Denise not being sisters, but now are again. Yorke is on a mission to undo everything SOC put in place, basically.
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  10. In fairness that was a ridiculous storyline, I'm glad they drew a line under that and moved on. But agree with everything everyone is saying here - if you're gonna bring back Michelle then do it right and give her proper storylines. They really messed this one up.
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  11. I would probably have given her another six months with a new storyline and if it still wasn't working, get rid.
  12. "ran out of storylines" - they are not finite! In other words, "we couldn't be bothered"... What a waste of a great character.
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  13. She wasn't axed, it was her who wanted to go. Technically, not Yorke's fault, but I can't help but think she was bored to tears with what they gave her. She may as well have had a t-shirt on the whole time saying, ONE OF SEAN O'CONNORS MISTAKES. I do feel for her, it was a crazy role to take over... but whoever did should've been prepared for a longer stint.

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  14. 2014

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    She wasn't that great and never really fitted in. Bye!
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  15. It's a shame because the character of Michelle was such an important one, but they messed it up. I don't even remember any of new-Michelle's storylines.
  16. Everyone running around saying how crushed Mo seems. They must be seeing a different Mo to me.
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  17. Seriously can they kill off the Masoods. They are painful to watch. Ruining what was otherwise a great episode with the Kat stuff.
  18. Michelle Fowler 2.0's Greatest Hits;
    Slept with a 17 year old student, fled to Watford, and he followed her over from the US
    Fell out with Martin and Bex because the 17 year old student was also seeing Bex, sort of
    Couldn't get a job, was miserable constantly, bit of a drink problem
    Kept gardening on the allotment and made a scarecrow Sharon (her only genuine #1 smash moment)
    Started dating a stalker and got the Walford Avengers to scare him off
    She disappeared after this, around Halloween
    Sharon said she'd gone to Australia for Christmas mid-December... It's now March.

    I think Jenna probably left in the autumn, actually. She was at the NTA's with the cast in January, and I think that was sort of her farewell do at the same time. She's obviously got a couple of bits in the can to come - probably a scene in the Mitchell's kitchen with a suitcase, mid-week, with a cab outside.
  19. Tony Jordan aka greatest EastEnders writer ever is writing Kat’s return episode on Thursday.
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