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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. It seems as though...
    Hunter accuses Michelle of kissing him, resulting in her exit.
  2. I would be pretty hilarious if Michelle was in Sharon’s mind all this time! She’s hardly existed outside of the Mitchell kitchen they could almost get away with it, too! Rumours are rife Michelle will leave after an incident with 15 year old Hunter, but I doubt it. It’s more likely Mel will find out about her past and humiliate her publicly.

    Hunter does indeed look like Steve, but then Mark Jr didn’t look like Grant, either, so who knows? He’s sleeping with Louise on CCTV knowing Phil is watching next week... ! So if he is her half sister, we’ll sharp find out. I also thought the “my keys, my bag!” scene where the club was broken in to was Hunter, as it cut to him directly after.
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  3. The sheer hypocrisy of everyone judging the Slaters, I’m screaming.
  4. I fucking hollered when Kat said to Sharon "Ooh it's not like your Dad didn't pull the same trick for decades!" and then the comment about Kathy who also played dead for years.
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  5. Remember when Kat had those burn scars that would be permanent and would totally change her character? I guess they just fell off and they’re in the same place as her millions, her kids and her husband.
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  6. Hahaha I was thinking about those scars last night! I love how Eastenders have forgotten everything that's happened to Kat in the last few years.

    Also, I don't get why they're all giving Kat, Jean and Stacey a hard time when it was Mo that lied about Kat dying.
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  7. The Spanish sun does wonders!
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  8. Am I meant to care whether or not Hunter is a psychopath? I mean...really? Also, the hit and run job that has been perpetrated on Michelle's character is wrong. Recasting her may have been a mistake, but not working on making her part of the show is worse in my opinion.
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  9. I am living for the scenes where Kat, Stacey, Jean and Mo are altogether. You forget how much chemistry there was with the actresses playing the various Slaters.

    The last few scenes with them, including last night's where they called out Sharon and Ian, are some of the best Eastenders have had in a long time.
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  10. This. I get what they’re going for, but it all seems a but much. Tension for the sake of it.

    Especially when Max has just been left to raise a baby ... wherever he is now.
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  11. I thought this the other day - where is he? Last seen at Abi's funeral? Is that baby still in hospital? Where does Max live? What is he living on? The show is still an absolute pigs ear - people used to disappear for a week or two, as is the norm for soaps, but 3-6 months is becoming a regular thing. Dot's absence is getting ridiculous. They need to kill her off. I can't believe she's out-lived three generations. She's seen off all her friends, her friend's kids, her friend's kid's kids... they really ought to give the character some respect and retire her on screen while they still can.
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  12. Living for the Slaters, but also totally this

    I made my non-Easties viewing boyfriend watch last night and having explained the storyline to him in about 10 seconds this (^) was his exact response.

    Definitely not here for Hunter, can we make it stop already please?
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  13. Hunter is one of the worst things to happen to EastEnders in a long time, and in the current state, that's a big claim. Mel's return is utterly pointless - she's charmless, and pairing her with Jack is just snoozeville.
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  14. Bringing back Mel and Hunter was a worse decision than recasting Michelle only to do nothing with the character. Janine, Chrissie, Chelsea, Zoe etc Yes, Boring people like Mel NO. Also I had forgot about that Hayley Slater she can also go.
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  15. I am so sad you all can’t enjoy Mel & Hunter in the way that I am!
  16. I enjoyed Mel in a clip earlier, Pity it's from years ago and I only laughed at Kat.
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  17. Would quite like to go to the club.
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  18. Anyone else think Steve Owen will make a miraculous return from the dead? I wouldn’t put it past them.
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  19. [​IMG]
    Martin Kemp's finest moment was Nana calling him a two faced bastard on BOTS.
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  20. I'm so glad Mel took her coat off for the first time this week in tonight's episode. Bring back that ridiculous hat she had on in her first week! Credit where it's due, the club scenes weren't God-awful and managed to look vaguely like a genuine club, unlike ever before.

    Lots of hate for Hunter this week - nothing to do with his current dastardly plot, just plain old dislike of the acting. His "Am I A Psychopath?" online test was absolutely hilarious. I hope Sharon does one next week, "Am I a gay icon?" (answer; 100%).
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