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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I want Sharon to visit a medium/do a ouja board and for Barbara Windsor's voice to bellow "Dwunken old tart! It's no secret is it?!".
  2. Yeah, Corrie's medium storyline, but with Sharon and her various dead parents and parents-in-law, biological and adoptive. So many to chose from! Also, a six part, spin-off mini series called Sharon's Two Dads, where Sharon relocates without Denny or Phil, and lives with Gavin and the ghost of Dirty Den.
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  3. Same here, quite a choice of people to mingle with. Shame Kat wasn't there though.
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  5. Hahahaha that's amazing - one of my female friends (who has a go at everyone on a night out) dances just like that.
  6. Mel and Phil then. Groan! I hope this means Sharon is spending the rest of the year destroying her and Phil.

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  7. It does get a bit boring when it's always the same couples that are cheating on each other and then you know they always get back together. And quite why anyone would want to get with Phil...
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  8. Sharon hasn’t cheated on Phil ever, but he’s been with Shirley, Denise (they were “on a break”, ok) and now Mel looks likely. Sharon has been faithful ever since Sharongate! It’s annoying how Phil never, ever gets any form of comeuppance. That liver transplant storyline was massively wasted on him as it’s had zero impact on his character.

    Mel has now been shitty to Sharon twice, double-crossing her with Ciara and now moving in on Phil to distract him from Hunter. Three times if you count pouring a gallon of cream over her! She’s also going to drive Michelle away so I hope Sharon gets the last laugh, instead of being shit on yet again.
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  9. It looks like Mel's holding her stomach because she feels sick. Me too, me too.
  10. Mel taking Sharon's man, best mate and her business? I hope she kills her - stiletto to the head!
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  11. This is the worst part of it. Why would Mel do this? It's crazy? And a weak way of starting off yet another infidelity storyline that sees Sharon being the victim - again. John Yorke needs to go.
  12. Yeah, this is so not turning into an affair story. It’ll be a quick kiss before Mel threatens to show Sharon the CCTV. The end.
  13. Remember he was having it away with Dawn?! It's not realistic.gif
  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Tamzin came back for this?!
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  15. Yep and she was shagging Gary as well so she was clearly blind.
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  16. I stan Mel.

    I can't believe some people thought she'd actually go there.
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  17. Honestly though, I think this show has come on leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. Fingers crossed it continues.
  18. Mel is just awful and the whole "seduction" scenes were very cringe. That footage is going to come in handy at some point... clearly Sharon will see it, put 2 and 2 together, come up with 7 and play the scorned woman. Hopefully, she has her own little baseball bat in her handbag, in pink.
  19. Mel is the best character in the show at the moment.
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  20. Nope. She's completely awful for me. She just comes and goes with her coat and handbag, being very busy and very sarcastic. She's from a different time and era and without Lisa, Steve, etc. her hanging around and being on the payroll of the Mitchell's makes very little sense. Mel back then? Yes. Mel now? No.
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