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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I'm surprised when people don't like Mel. She's obviously a lot more jaded than she was previously but there's still plenty of heart there. I love how she's basically the only person not to cower in fear of Phil's attempts at acting the hardman.
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  2. And I thought people on Popjustice love a well acted blonde Queen by default?
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  3. Yeah, I'm enjoying Mel, but then again I didn't used to watch the show when she used to be on it, so I guess I'm not comparing her to her past self.
  4. Bye Donna! Latest actress to get the push. Please take Robbie Jackson with you.
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  5. And his D in GCSE Drama with him...
  6. Big Mo is serving me serious Robyn at the moment
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  7. Farewell Michelle 2.0! You lived rent free in London for 18 months and had 8 week's off at Christmas from your brand new employer, so it wasn't all bad, eh? I hope you've packed Scarecrow Sharon in that suitcase...

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  8. 2014

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    What really was the point of bringing her back? What a waste.
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  9. She should have returned with her family and a real attempt to integrate her into the cast made. Her storyline hampered her, no-one was sympathetic to her, and she wasn't as close to this oddly written version of Sharon as we (the fans) know she should be. It was a waste of time.
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  10. Yeah, she needed a better reason to come back. The storyline was okay, but it lacked depth and no one really cared when it went nowhere. Then she just became another C string background character, which was a shame for someone so pivotal to the history of the show.
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  11. Her return was so badly handled. I mean she’s barely had any scenes with Martin, her only actual relative on the Square - even throughout his breakup with Stacey! And then no goodbyes to each other when she left last night?! The current crop of producers & writers should be fired!
  12. Her exit speech with Sharon was well done... "I don't want people to look at me and just see this 16 year old pregnant girl", which is exactly what the audience were doing. We will never see Michelle Fowler again.
  13. I wish they'd kept Michelle and persevered.
  14. Why am I screaming at the club's lavish wine glasses that look like they belong in your nan's china cabinet?
  15. Ian Vs. Mas is a bit naff and below both actors, especially Adam. Do adults really go around locking one another in cupboards?
  16. It’s awful! Everything involving Mas since his return has been unbearable to watch. Can’t stand this badly written & acted “comedy” they seem to keep putting him into.
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  17. This. I was never a fan of him before anyway, but thought them bringing him back with a family was to help give him some depth. How have they got it so wrong?
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  18. Yeah, the comedy is SO shit.

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    CHRIST this new """villain"""" is a dead ringer for Ex Machina zaddy Oscar Isaac!
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  20. What the hell was that cut to black Sopranos-style ending for Vincent. Utter shite! Their exit plots are always so shoddily and hastily written (see also Michelle this week).
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