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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. The rumours are building on Twitter again with Danniella Westbrook hinting that she is in talks to return!
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  2. I doubt they'll ever bring Danniella back.
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  3. Doesn’t she do this with every returnee!

    Her 2016 return was disastrous, wasn’t it, by all accounts behind the scenes?
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  4. Yas at Lisa.

    Danniella always hints at coming back when she isn't. Probably just to try and get the press talking again.
  5. Lisa is so iconic. I can't wait. I hope she finishes Ben off but sadly I feel like her return will be due to Ben's interference.

    Also, when Bianca returns I hope we get an episode where it's just her, Kat, Karen, and Shirley screaming at each other. Music to my ears.

    Also, Bianca's return better possibly allow Janine to return.
  6. Lisa has had er day!!

    There's a bring back Danniella campaign launched on Twitter but Danniella has said it's not necessary, that how do we know it isn't already in talks!
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  7. Was it you?
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  8. Not necessary as they won’t ever have her back
  9. Oh Bex.....

    We’ve all been there, love.
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  10. Lola needs to find some dress sense.
  11. She always reminds me of Tulisa from the Live It Up video actually.
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  12. She's always hinting she's in talks.

    Or because she knows they aren't interested; they've blocked her number.
  13. OH MY GOD


    This is going to be iconic.
  14. Go on Shazza
  15. Can't believe Bex. They have turned her a bit mad jeez walking into Kush's shower, a tempting idea but not something anyone would surely do!
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  16. It all seems a bit off with her - she’s a smart, intelligent girl from a loving family but they have her acting like a crazed delinquent teenager. Are we to assume it’s the drugs, exam pressure etc? Still doesn’t ring true.
  17. I'm ready for Kathy's hag era.
  18. Why is Bex acting like she is 12?

    Has she never been into central London before on her own? I mean those ridiculous scenes last night when she was wandering the streets clutching her back pack with big doe eyes were so stupid I was laughing at the TV.

    She’s an 18 year old women that has grown up in the EastEnd of London, she would be far more street smart than the writers are portraying her as.

    Lola is getting more iconic by the day. It seems the actress is very thankful for this comeback and is putting her all into the character and her performance. Plus she looks like a member of a flop girl band that had 2-3 singles and then disappeared, what is there not to love?
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  19. Didn't she have fertility issues for most of the 90s? Also mid 50s? Shouldn't she be well into ~the change~
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