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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. They handled her return so poorly.
  2. This time she’ll be searching for flights.
  3. Lola must be next.
  4. Honestly, I groaned a bit when I saw Bobby pull out the Quran, thinking EastEnders were about to go down to go down a very sensationalist route with him by pandering to all the fear and ignorance in society at the moment, but I've just read his upcoming storyline will explore the positive impact exploring Islam will have on him... which is fantastic and definitely more than I expected from EastEnders.
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  5. Wow that Gray/Chantelle scene was difficult to watch. You just knew it was coming, something like that had been brewing for a while (and it looks like this wasn’t the first time it’s happened) but still so awful.

    Great and important storyline to have though, and it has definitely got people talking. I wonder where it will go from here.
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    Gray's so hot too ":(" - Chantelle is lovely though, Jess is a complete breakthrough in the role.
  7. Absolutely brutal scenes tonight. Shocking to watch.
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  8. Welp! We all knew something would be "off". So shocking to watch. The way it seemed to come out of nowhere was really effective as a viewer.
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  9. I gasped when it happened even though I sensed something was coming. It really caught a lot of people off guard. Just wait until Karen gets her hands on him, he’ll be mincemeat!
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  10. Halfway is the ultimate “glo-up”. Just seen some videos of him and Ben on YT and momma, I’m thirsty for him.
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  12. She’s got a fetish for killing off Mitchell men.
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  13. Never been a fan of Phil Mitchell, but his inevitable ability to resurrect from the dead like some 80s horror villain is a kii.

    Stacey’s runaway exits remain iconic.
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  14. Stacey causing all this drama while she’s sunning it up in Spain is a kii.
  15. Oh if the writers had ANY sense they would being Danniella Westbrook back for a hospital scene with Phil.

    Plus I am just gagging for the Sharon and Keanu story to break out.

    And I was devastated that there were so many Mick and Linda scenes tonight.
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  16. Just a few things to look forward to at the beginning of September:

    - Callum & Whitney’s wedding
    - Bianca’s return
    - Lisa’s return
    - Hunter’s death
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  17. The end of last Friday’s episode was quite chilling. When the Lucy ghost appeared I gasped. The new Bobby is really good and I can’t wait to see where they take this.
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  18. Good at the moment innit?
  19. Yeah, I'm really enjoying it, it feels like the best it's been in a long while. It certainly helps that they're using the cast a lot better and having more people interacting.

    And obviously Mel is queen. I'm looking forward to Lisa being back.
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  20. It was very good last week...
    I’m actually exited for the week ahead.
    E20 playing back to back 80’s bangers is a kii
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