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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Janine better watch her head if Stacey is gonna be there!
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  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/10173757/eastenders-katie-jarvis-bm-bargains-security-guard/

    I hate reports like this because it’s not actually ‘news’. Does make me wonder why she was not kept on. Not buying this ‘there was no point keeping the character on when the storyline ended’. There was clearly loads of potential storylines with the mental health, being a new mum and simply being a supporting character to the Slaters. I mean Whitney is getting loads of good stuff now under the new boss, but I’d argue before that she went a few years with no real storylines / purpose.
  4. I really didn't like the character of Hayley. As such I don't miss her at all.
  5. Yeah, fair play to her getting a job between acting roles... it a very common occurrence.

    I can’t help but picture Hayley Slater (the character) as a B&M security guard though and it’s very amusing.
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  6. I feel she wasn’t kept on because she was just a plot device to provide drama for Kat’s return and Alfie’s three weeks filming, and the viewers didn’t like her.
  7. I’ve heard it’s because she was repeatedly late to set and didn’t take direction.
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  8. Whilst I completely disagree with that newspaper out of all of them publishing this, the only positives are that she’s probably going to get some more opportunities now given the coverage (that’s if she wants to go back into acting).
  9. 2014

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    I thought Hayley was great but was un-needed when Stacey/Whitney were right there.
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  10. Scream.
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  11. Hilarious how Keegan and Tiff's families both raced up to Scotland to stop their wedding, then were actually forcing it to happen by the end of the episode!

    Tiff and Keegan are a great match and there seems to be a lot of goodwill towards them from the audience. Hopefully the writers recognise that and keep them together for the long term. I'm here for them becoming the next iconic EE couple for the ages.
  12. Pam needs to come back full time. I love her.

    Also, Ben's stiff line was brilliant.
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  13. I like Pam too. I think she's a really good influence on Ben, in the way someone like Sharon or Kathy should also be but aren't quite there at all, and scenes they share really endear him to the audience. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Callum enters the police force... I guess his paths will cross with Ben, and that'll be a major storyline soon.
  14. That ending!!!
  15. Christ what a shocker!! Fantastic episode with an amazing ending!
  16. Are we really buying the police officer letting Sharon drive away in 'labour'?
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  17. The Sharon Vs Mel stuff is high camp.
    I feel Mel will end up in a coma until Christmas Day or something.
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  18. Can we say iconic?

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  19. Well I was fucking wrong....
    I'm also ten minutes behind
  20. Decided to tune in and oh my days, the scene where she gets hit by a passing truck @ 3 MPH was hilarious.
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