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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. That was a bit much. They could have just had her die in the crash. Or not want to leave the car because she kept hearing Hunter’s voice and it blows up.

    Although Lisa telling Phil at the end was brilliant. Setting things in motion for what’s bound to be the big Christmas Day showdown!
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  2. That scene with the truck was hilariously bad.
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  3. Sharon and Mel running away from a green screen was the biggest laugh I'd had in years... then it all got very grim.
    A mid episode death though, jeez did Tamzin infuriate the producers with her decision to leave before they could film Christmas or something?
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  4. That was a bit terribly done, to be honest! It's been such a great storyline all the way through and was building up to this epic climax, but then Mel surviving the crash, being pulled out of the car and then randomly being mowed down by a truck afterwards just felt....stupid. It was like one of those dream sequences where you expect Sharon or Mel to wake up and realise that didn't really happen.

    I also can't believe they've killed Mel off in general. Another great character lost forever.
  5. Laetitia Dean having to film that flipped car scene in a pregnancy suit is the sort of EastEnders content I dream of.
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  6. Mel had to die. I knew this the moment she crossed Sharon.
  7. I thought it was all brilliant.

    And thank God they've killed off Mel.
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  8. Dot must be next!
  9. I never really ever gelled with Mel in her original stint. I think I was still mourning Tiffany at that time and thought they pushed her quickly into Martines void. She also seemed defined by her dramatic storylines back then rather than her character. I think that was my issue I never really understood who she was as a character.

    Tamzin is a good actress with the right material though.
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  10. I feel like her dying from the lorry is what's going to have major repercussions for Sharon (aside from, you know, the affair and the baby from another man). If Mel had died from the initial crash, then it's already suspicious - because people would ask why Mel was even there - but for Mel to die from the lorry? That certainly will feed into Lisa's narrative if she tells more people about the baby.

    Whatever happens I'm already so hyped for Christmas.
  11. What I loved was that rare moment of the writers getting Sharon's character right i.e. when she helped Mel from the wreckage. Sharon wouldn't just leave her to die. I was worried that would happen.
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  12. Kathy’s scene at the end of last night’s episode might just have been the best she’s had since she returned.
  13. Seeing Tameka Empson on Strictly has suddenly made me think, where is Kim?
  14. Didn't she head off for some job in Scotland? Anyway, she's back on the show shortly.
  15. Martin in the actual gutter...

    It feels like this Christmas is going to be spectacular doesn’t it.
  16. I'm not here for this Linda Carter vs the School Mums storyline.
  17. On the rumour mill this Christmas:

    Post Sheanu-reveal, Lisa is accidentally run over by Ian. Ben becomes convinced that Keanu pushed her into the road and orders Martin to kill him. Obviously not wanting to do it, he helps Keanu flee the country and makes Ben think that he went through with it.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Martin's complete derailing feels so....weird and unnecessary.
  19. I prefer it to whatever yawnful Stacey domestic boringness he's been stuck in for years.
  20. I didn't really warm to Tamzin until this Christmas card anecdote (3:40)

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