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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. It's being reported that during the Thames boat party next month that was mentioned in tonights episode, a "major character" will fall off the boat and drown as part of the 35th anniversary. It's also thought Sharon will give birth on the boat.
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  2. Has the show been worth watching recently, girls? Been reading a lot of good things about it and am considering diving back in. I never quite got over them killing Ibiza icons Ronnie and Roxy but carried on until Abbie got bumped off and tapped out as it became terrible.
  3. I mean, Sharon giving birth on a Thames boat seems reason enough to watch?
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  4. That whole era was a mess with very few good points. It's been great since about summer last year? I don't recall exactly, but whenever Kate Oates really started to get going.
  5. Yeah, Kate has transformed the show.
  6. I have no idea who this can be. Maybe Leo, but we’ve not had the grave scenes with Whitney yet. I’m wondering Rainie? She’s back on track so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did her off while Stuart is happy (I hope not).
  7. 2014

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    If it's a murder hopefully it'll be that guy who's stalking Whitney
  8. @1991 I concur with everyone above, it's time to get back into it, I did just before Christmas and it's been unmissable! Even if just for Habiba in a flat cap telling Mo to try cocoa butter. But on a serious note, the drama is so good at the moment, so many strong characters with good storylines!
  9. Screaming at Sharon tonight!! Taunting Phil and then luring him indoors in order to carry on the abuse.

    “Keanu made me feel things you could NEVER!”

    Letitia had her camp turned up all the way to 100 for that finale!

    Also, amazing scene between Honey and Billy tonight. So heartbreaking and fantastic acting from the both of them.
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  10. I have some time off the week after next so I'll binge watch from the week before Christmas to now, thanks girls!
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  11. All the pictures from the boat party look really good.

    Looks like Keanu comes back to exact his revenge (seems possible that he might kidnap Callum?).

    Also looks as though Linda ends up in the water.
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  12. Sharon IS EastEnders.
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  13. How have I only just realised that Keanu was also Tiger in Benidorm?
  14. June Brown literacy recording in her scenes...

    We probably won’t see Dot again until Christmas now, she’s had her storyline and 150k for the year.
  15. That was just so weirdly done. I don't know how, as a 90+ year old, she's meant to have just packed up and travelled off to Ireland entirely by herself at a moment's notice.
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  16. This whole Keanu storyline has become such a mess ddd. Talk about the worst kept secret ever! Obviously it's a golden EE rule that secrets never stay that way for long, but it's barely been a few weeks and basically everyone knows about it.

    And the way things have just come out - the drunk ramblings, the burner phone in the shed that Martin decided to keep for some reason and Sharon just casually walked in and took (with presumably no passcode on the phone??) - I've been screaming the whole time.

    Also, would Sharon - with all her history with the Mitchells and being a true Eastender - really call the police on Phil and hand in that video as 'revenge'? Especially when she knows Keanu isn't even dead? All seems so out of character for her.
  17. Nah I love it. It’s the perfect revenge, and Sharon was living as they were arrested.
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  18. Really? I think it’s totally in character. Sharon has never been scared of the Mitchells. She played their game whilst she was married to them, but she wouldn’t think twice about bringing them hell if they deserve it.

    I actually appreciate how complex the story has become - I love the way that it involves so many characters!
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  19. The exit for Louise (and Lisa) was exactly what I wanted.
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