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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Letitia Queen is going to snatch that BAFTA.
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  2. Okay but wait until Sharon hears Dennis’ voicenote.
  3. Island

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    Poor Kathy.
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  4. Hold on to your wigs girls.

    (They’re both probably talking about something else but imagine)
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  5. Chrissy will have been behind bars for 15ish years now... that’s enough time for murder.
  6. Island

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    Oh my God. Imagine.
  7. Well many people are wondering who Whitney might meet in prison...
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  8. Such classic moments

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  9. How can you forget...

    Chrissie giving Kate a makeover?



    “I may not be the first woman in your life Den, but I’m definitely going to be the last”
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  10. “You are nothing but a greedy nasty dirty little whore... I bet you don’t even know how to spell the word ‘no’!”

    Iconic dialogue.
  11. Screaming at these throwback Chrissie clips! A true icon.
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  12. The best thing about none of last week being live, is that all the characters are here for the aftermath.
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  13. Except for Phil - did he just head off back to Portugal? Thought that was odd.
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  14. Oh yeah... I expect him to appear to please his guilt to Sharon on the day of the funeral, at least.
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  15. Island

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    I'm perched for Sharon to riot once Phil comes back and Ian fesses up.
  16. Island

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    Whew Lexi nearly made Kathy start aging again!

    This is the content I look for:
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  17. Wow Bethenny wow... Was not prepared for the Ben and Callum dialogue nor the many shots of Keegan in the towel. Kate Oates said gay rights I guess?
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  18. Island

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    Jean and Shirley's friendship is overrated.

    How tall is the new Peter? He's like a foot taller than ageless legend Kathy!
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  19. It's ridiculous casting - he looks like a giant beside all the other actors. The previous Peters were never that tall.
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  20. Tracy-Ann Oberman's announcement was that she's touring in The Merchant Of Venice later this year. So no return for "CHRISSIE WATTS! MUUUURDERER!" after all.

    (I haven't watched this show for years but I'd probably dip back into it if she ever did come back.)
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