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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

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    In the spoilers for the week, it looks like Shirley raids Linda's closet for Daniel's memorial.
  2. Was this not on last night or iPlayer being very slow at updating?
  3. There was some kind of "football" thing.
  4. Think it’s an hour long on Friday to make it up.
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  5. Ugh! The constant bane of my life.
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  6. I love Dotty. She’s giving me strong Janine vibes.
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  7. I am worried for Jean and her friendship with Suki... if a woman can lie about cancer to keep control of her children, what else can she do.
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  8. I’d love Suki to go all serial killer. Hope she kills a couple of her poorly acted kids first.
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  9. Is Rainie one of the shows best characters?

    Maybe so.

    Also Whitney starving herself in prison and her hallucinations being soundtracked by Whole Again, and the Grey stuff continues to make me so anxious. All in all quite a horrifying episode last night.
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  10. I thought Whole Again was a bit of a weird song to use, unless I'm missing something?
  11. She mentioned it to her younger self during the hallucinations so I think we're to believe it was her and Tony's song?
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  12. Yeah, I think Whitney said something about it coming on the radio and Tony told her it was about them as she'd ''made him whole again.''
  13. Ah okay. It was the "you still turn me on" that I found a little unsettling. I guess that was the intention.
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  14. FYI for all of us in this thread, filming is postponed due to Covid-19 and with immediate effect episodes will be aired on Monday, 8pm and Tuesday, 7:30pm only in an effort to keep episodes running for a longer period of time.
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  15. I remember when it was always two eps a week anyway. Quality was consistently stronger.
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  16. I'd have done monday and friday
  17. Tuesday and Thursday would have been preferable.
  18. Scream.
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  19. Totally understandable and obviously of minor significance given the circumstances we're in, but also such a shame - now would be the time for us to have more episodes to watch than less! But then again there are 35 years' worth of old episodes to revisit...
  20. Ian in tonight's episode: "Sharon have a biscuit."
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