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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. It's what Denny would have wanted.

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  2. So that bizarre scene with Kat on the phone in The Vic and then running away somewhere was her temporary exit scene. What the hell?! Could they not have come up with something better.
  3. Have they crowbarred in a reference to COVID-19 yet? I refuse to believe this is as big as Diana, or 9/11, until that happens...
  4. 2014

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    Wonder if it was Stacey on the other end......
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  5. I think it's more difficult for them to do that in circumstances when the characters will still continue to interact, socialise, embrace etc in the pub, the caff and so on. It's one thing to acknowledge a world event, but in this case the rest of what goes on in the Square on a daily basis would also need to completely change/grind to a halt. The show just wouldn't work or make sense in that environment.

    But who knows, maybe they'll shoehorn a mention in somewhere...
  6. Hello girls. So upon recommendation from this thread, I decided to get back into the show after ditching it in early 2018. I just finished catching up from October 2019 because well.. working from home ain't cutting it and I'm here to give my thoughts. It goes without saying that it has improved dramatically. It's definitely back on form for now and I've genuinely enjoyed the last few months.

    The Beale's - I like the direction they've taken with Bobby. I think it's a good idea to explore Islam a little more in the soap and the positive impact it has as rather than going down a different route. His relationship with his grandmother is nice to. Though it feels like Darth Bobby will return at some point. Kathy still looks 10 years younger than Ian, who remains unbearable, though Gillian Taylforth is still a terrible actress dd. Ian basically killing Denny is a great plot point, at first I was a bit perplexed as to why they would kill off yet another child but the character is terrible and badly acted so.. kill ha. Peter Beale being 6'7 is a scream but it was obvious Ben Hardy was never coming back so makes sense to recast. I do miss Jane though, feels like a good time for her to return.

    The Mitchell's - The Ben recast has been.. brilliant? I don't think the previous actor was bad by any means but the new face feels fully believable. The plotline with Martin was a little tedious but because I binge watched it, it never felt like it went on too long. I always liked Lola as a character but her return feels a little pointless, if only to help flesh out the family a little more. The character development these last few weeks has been nice though, and Lexi is an icon. It's good to see Ben as a dad as well. I also love the relationship with Callum, the two actors have genuine chemistry on screen, good partnership. I'm assuming Louise has left now? If so.. very underwhelming exit, same with Lisa. On a side note, was gutted about Mel being killed off. She really played the part well during her last few weeks and her scheming ways were brilliant. Great exit though.

    The Slater's - Icons, the lot of them. Jessie Wallace remains one of the shows best actresses and Kat is still a great character, so much better without Alfie, the pairing with Kush was unexpected but also works? She's also been fantastic as a support for Whitney, overall she's brilliant these days. Jean as a character has really come into her own the last few months and the relationship with Daniel featured some great writing, quite heart-warming to watch as well. Even Mo is better this time as a glorified side character. Just a shame Michelle Ryan won't come back, would be iconic.

    The Carter's - The New Year's Eve episode was legitimately brilliant. The budget, the drama, the acting performance by Kellie Bright. Shirley feels underused though, hopefully they'll line something up for her. I love her friendship with Jean as well. Lee was much more bearable this time around, it's a shame all the Carter kids got axed/left so quickly (not counting the Johnny recast.. terrible). Give it another 18 months and I'm sure they'll attempt to bring them back.

    Then on a separate note.. Ruby Allen 12 years later really works, great character. She's really come into her own. Hilarious to see Denise shacked up with Jack and owning a hair salon? Last time I remember she was taking her GCSE's, starving and giving a baby away, the glow up. We love to see it. Rainie has always been one of the best characters and Tanya Franks is a brilliant actress but the character feels underused and wasted with Stuart. I hope the writing improves for her. Whitney has been incredible these last few months, Shona proving once again why she's brilliant. I look forward to Bianca returning and hopefully helping Whitney's case out.

    The Panesar's don't work for me so far, all badly acted. Though the oldest brother has the most potential by far and I love Ash, especially her relationship with Iqra. Iconic duo. Gray and Chantelle.. I want to find the storyline interesting but I honestly find both to be terrible actors dd, both are so wooden. Though I do still stan for the latter and hope the storyline ends interestingly. Love the rest of the Taylor's though.

    The end.
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  7. Island

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    How dare you forget queens Iqra and Habiba. And Honey.
  8. This is wonderful. I think I tuned in full time again around the same time.
    Welcome back, it’s exciting times on the Square.
  9. Great write up - agree with all your points. Especially loving new Ben, and Kellie Bright was truly astounding over Christmas and New Year. Sadly I too find Chantelle and Gray poor. The storyline is great but the two actors are bad - they don’t bring any weight to the material they’re being given.
  10. 2014

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    The lack of Sharon in this post

    - her, Jean and Whitney have held the show together for the last few months.
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  11. Ugh, I cried horrible at that scene.
  12. I mentioned Iqra briefly but yes, we stan. Intelligent, no-nonsense and looks like Kourtney Kardashian? Habiba hasn't really done much from October to March other than be a bit clueless dd. Honey's storyline was heartbreaking, Emma Barton did great there.
    Kellie Bright deserves a Bafta, she was that good. I hope they bump up her money because she's top tier.

    On paper, Chantelle and Gray read like good characters with a storyline that creates great drama while raising awareness for something that's still so common. Both performances have been.. poor, they don't bring the emotion or the drama to do the material justice. Little Mo and Trevor they ain't. Even their line execution is really samey.
    I hope the storyline twists into Sharon becoming revengful on Phil, I miss the high camp but with that said, she's been brilliant these last few weeks.
  13. Niche comedy alert.

    Maybe it's the isolation, but these EastEnders Lockdown episodes had me in stitches...coming twice a week to make up for the drop in broadcasts...

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  14. I cannot wait for these episodes. I love Sharon in black widow mode.
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  15. I know it's not that important right now in the scheme of things, BUT - when will we run out of stockpiled fresh episodes?
  16. They film what, 8 weeks in advance, giving they finished those before lock down, maybe about the months at two episodes a week.
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  17. Petition for Lisa to come into it as Jane's long lost lesbian sister:

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    I love Whitney but I am tired of this storyline now.
  19. Agreed. It’s not their fault, but I think the show is a bit of a slog at the moment due to the 2 eps a week thing. These storylines are written for pace and moving things along in 4 eps but it’s taking twice as long to get any momentum going. Every Monday it feels like we haven’t moved on at all from the previous week.
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  20. I would love for Sharon to take over the vic once again!
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