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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. This was brilliant.

    'Ere! I've got me trumpet, if anyone fancies a singalong? I've been practising"
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That still - fuck off Ian!
  3. Sounds like they’ll be resuming filming at the end of June while observing “strict” social distancing guidelines. It’ll be interesting to see how that translates to screen, but also part of me thinks a June resumption is ambitious.
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  4. There has to be a period where it's off air for a while. They said they had enough filmed to take them to mid June or so at the rate they're being shown, so it'll take some time to build up enough episodes to be a few weeks ahead of what's on TV again. I reckon they'll be off air for July/Aug and start up again on TV for the Autumn schedule in September. Though it feels weird to imagine a world where EastEnders is not on the TV!
  5. Ever since lockdown started and they began rationing the episodes I've massively gotten into the Classic Eastenders episodes being shown on the Drama channel, and that has been keeping me well fed in the meantime!

    Does anyone else watch? We're currently up to 1993 and it's great viewing. There's a kind of nostalgic magic in being transported back to life in 90s London and the simplicity of things in a pre-smartphone/digital world, where real-life relationships and a sense of community were much more important. I also feel like that era of the show was much more representative of the reality, vibrancy and diversity of living in the east end.

    It's also great to see current characters like Phil, Sharon, Ian, Kathy and Dot and seeing what they were up to over 25 years ago (looking a lot younger!), and how their lives mapped out to get them to where they are now. Kathy and Phil, for example, are getting a bit flirty which obviously leads to their marriage and the creation of Ben, Ian is already showing signs of being a ruthless entrepreneur, Phil and Sharon already have a complicated love story despite her being married to his brother etc.

    Then seeing important older characters who have passed away or are no longer in it (Mark, Michelle Fowler, Pauline, Arthur, Cindy) in their prime is also really interesting.
  6. Wow, absolutely thrilling episode tonight, I was gripped the whole way through. Showing the whole episode from Ben’s perspective really added to the experience, and it’s so sad what happened to him at the end, although (spoiler alert) at least he actually ended up saving Phil from being stitched up.

    I’m ready for the show to come back on full time now.
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  7. Yeah it was really well done. The scenes between Ben and Lola were gripping, and so well acted.

    I will say though that I’m tired of them using a soundtrack on tense scenes all the time. They’ve never resorted to that in the past, I think they should just let the on-screen drama do the talking without the hand holding.
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  8. Kathy looks the same now!
  9. I actually think she looks better than ever now! What a queen. Crazy though that we're three decades on and she's still stuck in that tiny caff serving teas and breakfasts (although granted she had a bit of a death/break in between!).
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  10. No more episodes of EE left now, and what an iconic cliffhanger to end on!

  11. I switched off from Eastenders for a bit but I might start to catch up on it now.
  12. If that had been the final episode ever it would have been a great ending.

    The original princess of the Queen Vic back behind the bar where her Mum & Dad started 35 years ago serving Phil Mitchell his comeuppance whilst looking incredible.

  13. It was the perfect ending before the break. They couldn’t have timed it better!
  14. Well everyone, it only took 35 years but we finally reached the Series 1 finale of ‘Eastenders’ and what a cliffhanger. Will anyone of us be alive to reach the end of Series 2?
  15. They really couldn't have asked for a better way to end it, if they had to fall off air.
  16. So happy we won't have to see dour Dotty for months. I haven't disliked a character in so long.
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  17. God bless Sharon!
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  18. She's probably the worst since Hayley for me. Having said that I dislike quite a few of them hahaha
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  19. I have a feeling this wasn’t the last episode filmed before lockdown , it’s too much of a perfect ending.
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