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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Letitia Dean is the number 1 trend at the moment on Twitter due to the special currently airing.

    And I had no idea she was born on Barbara Cartland's estate. Of course she was.
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  2. Tonight's Secrets from the Square was a joy and I'd recommend it to anyone that stans Queen Letitia (which is everyone).

  3. She was an absolute delight and I just wish she'd had more screen time. Adam hogged a lot more of the show.

    Some of the old clips they dug out were absolutely insane! Teenage Sharon having her Debbie Harry moment in a band complete with Ian playing the drums behind her was everything.
  4. The least said about the follow up single, the better.

  5. Phil and Grant had a bit of a homoerotic vibe back then eh
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  6. I remember watching Sharongate originally was so exciting as a child.

    I think that 1993 - 96 era was my fave ever era of Eastenders. Been loving revisiting it on Drama. Such a great believable collection of characters and solid plots.
  7. Remember that camp as tits theme tune they introduced in 1993.

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  8. We’re up to the point in the Drama re-runs where it’s just been scrapped.
    After a few weeks of hearing it every day it kind of grows on you!
  9. I like its slightly Balearic vibe. I'm commissioning a full CD of remixes.
  10. What were they thinking?! So, so bad!
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  11. They kinda beat you to it. There was a vocal version released as a single.

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  12. Wow, I'd never heard that. It's simultaneously amazing and toe-curlingly awful.
  13. Caught a bit of an episode on Drama the other day. Sanjay was hot!
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