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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Aunt Babe's curse on the Carter's really came true with the awful storylines they've had since.
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  2. Justice for Abi!! Imagine the lockdown chaos she would have been creating had she not been so stupidly killed off!

    She really could have been one of the show’s best ever bad girls!
  3. #JusticeforQueenAbi
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The amount of massive female characters they outrageously killed off (Ronnie & Roxy, Abi, Tiffany, Pat) - imagine an episode of the after-life with those lot!
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  5. Ddd, I say it every page but killing off Ronnie and Roxy was the beginning of the end. Then Abi the year after and sending Lauren packing? Way to kill off so many strong characters.
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  6. Lauren and Abi's fall and subsequent death of Abi was a ridiculous decision, but I'll never get over how I felt when I initially watched it.

    They finally talk down Max, then Lauren out of nowhere looks like she's bored so pretends to fall for a kii, but then actually does, taking her sister with her. Then follows the quick cutaway of the mannequins falling. Then when Lauren finally leaves, she walks off, on foot by crutches, down a long road at a cemetery!
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  7. Kat talking to Phil as 'Malcom' her apprentice cleaner, screaming!

    "Yoooooooou........mop *does mop action*.......nooooooooow."

    She was living for every single second of her little power trip!
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  8. I wouldn’t mind them keeping the slighter shorter episodes forever... the pacing has been so much better since Season 2 started.
  9. The scene where Jack found Kush was the funnest... I’ve worked out I don’t give a shit about Mick and Governor Helen from Bad Girls They should have let him drive into that wall and be done with it.
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  10. Christ, I find myself so... bored any time Callum is on screen. His boss treats him like shit (to the point where I don't understand why he would even want to still be in the police force) and his love life is an endless cycle of him asking Ben not to do dodgy deals and Ben just doing it anyway and there being no consequence?

    Also, I guess they want to ramp up this idea of everybody on the square having beef with Ian but the way Tina's suddenly become sort of obsessed with him and having to get Mick and Linda the pub back is so stupid, even for her (but also maybe a bit of a scream?)
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  11. If the aim of the current storylines is to make me despise both Ian Beale and Mick Carter then it is working excellently.
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  12. The way I yelled at the tv...

    Yes Ma’am, that’s camp.
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  13. As a big fan of This Life, my first reaction was a horrified "Luisa Bradshaw-White isn't really 50, is she?" (she will actually turn 46 on Wednesday)
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  14. That ending and the collage of potential killers was fun, but the problem with this storyline (unlike the "Who Shot Phil" era) is I don't think anybody actually cares enough to theorise about who it was.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's just going to be someone ridiculous again, like Cindy or Pearl. Imagine if it was Janine's return though, a gag!!
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  16. Her ending was so sad they simply need to find a cure for the dreadful soul destroying alzheimers.

    RIP Babs you will live on especially for this classic moment.

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  17. Barbara Windsor had something so warm about her, like she was always on the verge of inviting you in for a cup of tea. Having grown up with Eastenders since I can remember she virtually felt like part of the family and I’m sure a lot of people feel that way. What a lady. What an icon.
  18. From "YOU BITCH!...YOU CAAAH!", to the epic reveal of Pat and Frank's affair, to the unmissable bitch-offs with Pauline (given extra spice by their mutual dislike in real life) to "CHRISSIE WATTS! MUUUUUUURDERER!"...she was responsible for so many iconic - truly iconic - moments on this show, and it was never the same without her.

    RIP Babs.
  19. Oh man. That is truly so sad. Barbara was such a legend, and you can tell what a sweet person she was. RIP.
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