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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Anniversary departure (Next week.)

    I’m wondering if Kush’s departure somehow ties in with Stacey going on maternity leave?
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  2. I hope they're setting up a Kat and Phil fling.
    Her and Sharon being at loggerheads would be delicious.
  3. I literally googled today to see if they'd slept together before because she's slept with everyone else ddd, turns out they haven't so this needs to be a thing.
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  4. That scene with Peter dressed as Superman last night was excruciating to watch, was the actor being punished by the scriptwriters? Not to mention it being really out of character...
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  5. Very cringeworthy.

    If they ever recast again those tattoos will be a continuity nightmare.
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  6. I couldn’t understand why it was going on for so long. It was slightly amusing for the first few seconds but as soon as he started running about I just wanted it to be over!
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  7. Just on Tuesdays, that whole Peter Beale stuff was quite bad, and Ash risking her whole career, NAH
    I shouldn't have praised the show last week, but I'm here for anything Ruby.
  8. Not baby Abi stealing the show last night! Ready to leave town with her little pink suitcase in one hand and teddy in the other. She’s absolutely adorable!
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  9. Bye Max.
    I'm not going to miss him I feel
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  10. Same. He’s an iconic character who’s given us plenty of moments to remember over the years, but they’ve run him to the ground. He doesn’t have anything left to offer anymore.
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  11. I lost it when Stacey put the bin on the desk like Ruby was going to climb up and squat over it.
  12. I won't miss Max, I haven't really found him interesting since his affair with Stacey, with the exception of Vanessa's "Bubbly's in the fridge" moment which was iconic ddd.

    I haven't really watched this show for years, but I still watch that at least once a month.
  14. Max definitely should have left with Lauren. I get they probably wanted to do some kind of redemption arc with him, but the character has gone around in circles since then. The fight for baby Abi was poor, although I'm glad it gave us the return of Rainie because it's been great to have her back. And I couldn't help but laugh when he acted like Linda was the love of his life when he's pretty much been like this with every single woman he's been with.

    I think my favourite of his post SOC-era storylines has been his bonding with Bobby, but even that wasn't utilised as much as it could have been. So yeah, it was time for him to go.
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  15. I am completely invested in Kat and Phil. It's about time they gave Jessie someone to act against
  16. I hate how Ruby came back on a serious storyline surrounding consent, and has now turned into someone who is a manipulative liar on the edge.

    It really doesn't bode well for the future of the character. It's a shame because I love Louisa as an actress.
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  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ruby and Stacey scenes are always so thrilling.
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  18. I hope hope hope they work out how to redeem her before Stacey goes off again
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  19. Just trying to catch up and WHY OH WHY are the Carter’s getting the vic back, yawn! Give Sharon some staff/characters to play off and camp it up and be the TRUE queen of the vic! God she could even give Mick a job or something.
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  20. I’m guessing they’re gonna bring all the Carter kids back and need some place to stick ‘em.
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