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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Catching up on this week's episodes and this Kheerat / Ben / anonymous background thugs business is my least favourite content the show tries to ram down our throats every so often.
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  2. The fact that the twink brother can't act...
    But I smell sparks between Kheerat and Ben
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Fff I got similar vibes with Vinny and Callum??
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  4. British soaps first foursome
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  5. I was channeling hopping tonight, haven't watched Eastenders in forever, and saw what I think was the aftermath of Kat and Phil having a quickie in the Arches? Help.
  6. My skin was crawling when Kat said Phil had Alan Titchmarsh fingers. The double vision of Phil and Alan in any sexual situation.

    I haven't felt this sick since Phil and Dawn. Great acting by Kara Tointon acting like she was gagging for him!
  7. Mmmm I'm ready for Kat Mitchell to become a thing.
    I don't know why, but Jessie finally getting someone great to act against gives me palpitations.
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  8. All of 2008’s episodes have been uploaded to iPlayer and my boyfriend and I have landed in around June to try and find the episode where Chelsea’s Coke falls out of the dominos case, currently to no avail.

    I will report as the situation develops.
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  9. It was 10th June:

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  11. A work of modern art, truly.
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  12. I love the lengths they went to for setting up that Ruby and Stacey faux push.

    Also, stanning the Scandinavian female detective.
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  13. A true icon.

    I actually met Tiana Benjamin once! Way back in 2008, in the middle of a random clothes store in central London. She was absolutely lovely and it was obviously a deeply iconic moment in my life.

    I've been redacted; this was a bleak day for me and my skin. Obviously Queen T couldn't relate.
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  14. When BBC Three comes back, they need to make lots of cheap EastEnders specials for the gays.

    A talking heads show about Denise's hair through the ages, an alternate reality special that explores what would have happened if Emma Summerhayes had lived and of course the Chrissy spin-off we've been asking for.
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  15. I would be here for a Broadchurch style spinoff with Emma solving crimes before she ended up in Walford.

    Do we know if Chelsea is going to stick around after this storyline? It doesn't seem like they've made any effort to integrate her into the square, which is usually a bad sign. But I'm loving Zaraah Abrahams in the role.

    Also, not sure if anyone saw, but Luisa Bradshaw-White was on Loose Women during the week and confirmed that Tina is definitely, definitely dead. I know this won't have been the first time that a soap has deliberately lied about something like this, but she was so adamant.
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  16. It’s a bit of a scream the way that twice now Ruby has lied through her teeth about something (being pregnant / Stacey attacking her) and, on the very cusp of being caught out, things have randomly swung in her favour (actually getting pregnant / incriminating evidence appearing which backs up her false claim).
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  17. Peter Beale has been looking like shit lately... but Sharon telling Kathy to Rot In Hell was most pleasing to my ears.
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  18. I’ve always wanted to see this scene and it more than lived up to the hype.

    Fall like Dominos indeed!
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  19. I mean, there's a reason that the BAFTAs introduced the Best Use of Dominos In A Scene award the very day after this episode aired.
  20. Ash mercilessly dragging Suki in front of the whole pub! I was in fear for the good sis's life.

    But it looks like we're finally going to see beneath that cold exterior of Suki's and get an insight into what she's really like and what made her this way. It should be really interesting, I hope they do the storyline justice.
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