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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. As long as they don't stop her being an absolute HBIC
  2. They’ve really pushed Ruby firmly into a permanent villain role now haven’t they? Also I can see Lily being the downfall of Ruby after Stacey goes to prison.
  3. They’ve started to upload 2009 episodes to the iplayer.

    An iconic year.
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  4. I am very excited for Nancy's return
  5. I'm against pretty much any development that gives the Carters any more screen time at the moment, given how fucking dull this Katy / Frankie development continues to be.

    These 2009 episodes on the other hand have been incredibly fun watching. I started with the Sean / Roxy reveal in December 2008 at the weekend and had totally forgotten what a scream Suzy was. That affected breathy way she delivers every single line is iconic and her calling Ronnie "old vinegar lips" is one of my favourite lines of all time.

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  6. ''Rude. It is not a wig!''

    Iconic. If someone hasn't giffed that by the time I next check this thread, I'll be poisoning your carbonara.
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  7. Last night's episode was so fucking good
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  8. I loved, loved, loved Suzy! It's a shame there were behind the scenes issues with Maggie O'Neill, because I feel that had she stuck around and properly been fleshed out then she could have been an amazing character.

    Also, Kush dropping the Mitchells in it was a whole mood.
  9. Kush has felt like he's been leaving for years. CHRIST.

    Cackled at Sonia at the end of tonight's episode, though. Dddd.
  10. 0B11A75A-198F-4A4D-B5C6-2E529293C9C7.gif
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Kush is joining Holby City..... alright.
  12. Bloody Hell
  13. I know! Did not expect that at all - poor Kush!
  14. Gray just killing off whoever annoys him or gets in his way and getting away with it was already getting ridiculous with Tina, but at least his last couple were inside his house with no one else watching. Surely he can't now also secretly murder someone on the platform of a public tube station where there are presumably cameras everywhere?! Not to mention at various points along his route to and from the station...I've already thought this through more than the writers haven't I.
  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gray being tasked to kill off all the deadwood dd - Mick next please!!
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  16. You cannot be a long term EastEnders viewer and still think it exists in any realistic version of London. Next you'll be asking how anyone affords their house, and then where will we be?
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  17. Is it wrong I’m wondering which tube station this was meant to be? We know it’s not Walford East - does Walford have another?
  18. Jon Sen has said “The Soap gods never forgive something like this, and we need to see Gray pay. I’m going to keep when that will happen close to my chest, but we have talked about it a lot…”
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  19. "vandalised CCTV in the train station"

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  20. Just ridiculous!!
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