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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Oh my God, when is he going to die!?[\SPOILER]
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  2. I mean wow,
    Have a lot of people moved to watching it online, like myself? Or did it not recover from being off air, unlike it's ITV rivals?
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  3. Corrie and Emmerdale just about managed 3m viewers each yesterday too. Unless a lot more people are watching on the players etc, sadly it really feels like soaps have had their heyday.
  4. Sadly? I’m not so sure. For too long, both BBC and ITV have been too reliant on them as they were seen as ratings winners. Lazy channel bosses kept ordering more and more episodes so they could “build the schedules” around them, at the expense of other programmes. If the bubble has finally burst it’s not a moment too soon.

    Personally I’d like to see it go back to how it was in the 80s and before - only on Christmas Day if it fell on one of their regular days.
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  5. I’m wondering if they might stretch out to 37th anniversary week?
  6. Doesn’t help that they have moved it to a graveyard slot
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  7. Definitely agree with this!! What on Earth is tonight’s 10 o’clock slot all about? I’ve never known it to be on that late before.
  8. Island

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    Grey’s bare ass is going to be shown along with some light cursing in the dialogue a la Neighbours Endgame.
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  9. Even when it’s not at its best, I can’t resist the EastEnders festive fortnight.

    Still so impressed with the strength of this cast - and to top it all off Janine’s here!
  10. Gray managing to direct the cab back to Albert Square because Chelsea...fell asleep during her runner. Is that the best they could think of?!
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  12. Especially her mum who has been married to two murderers herself and new husband Jack, the policeman
  13. Why haven't they killed off Jack? He adds nothing to the show, nothing.
  14. 2014

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    He's literally the best eye candy though???
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  15. Stacey, Janine, Kathy, Sonia, Shirley, Kat, Sharon, Jean, Linda, Suki, Denise, Chelsea, Kim, Rainie, Ruby, Nancy, Honey, Whitney.

    The female cast is so strong at the moment.
  16. I gave up on EastEnders ages ago but killing Ronnie and keeping Jack was the literal definition of home of phobia.
  17. Jack and Max still having the nerves to be alive whilst Ronnie and Aby were given the axe...

  18. That would be Jay. And he's literally the worst actor... even Billy can drum up a moment of drama or two when needed.
    With Jack, you can literally see Maslan saying the lines in his head before he says them out loud... how he's become a long standing legacy character I'll never know. Reeks of Corrie style keep them around forever mess.
  19. Have they though? Although Eastenders and the other soaps don get the same overnight viewers as it once did, I think that’s merely a sign of the times compared to catchup and streaming.

    In their announcement and yearly round up, the BBC confirmed that Eastenders had been streamed on BBC Iplayer something ridiculous like 57 million during the Euros time, and then 257 million times across the year in total. Although it doesn’t get the full 18-30 million viewers it use to get for Christmas Day, Eastenders very much is a flagship on streaming platforms.
  20. Jack or Jay, eye candy? No, it’s Callum for me, but he’s not a very good actor either. In fact, are there any good male actors in it currently?

    Over on the Drama channel, EastEnders 1999 has just seen the departures of Tony and Simon (the 1990s version of Ballum - Ben and Tony are even first cousins). This was a year in which new producers axed quite a few characters. Steve Owen and Mel Healy were welcome additions, but there’s a slight decline in quality. Still better than current EastEnders though.
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