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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I'm struggling to see how this is particularly impressive? EastEnders airs multiple episodes per week. I don't really follow it anymore so I'm not sure of the ins and outs of its scheduling during the pandemic but assuming three episodes per week then 257 million online views across the year averages out to less than 2 million viewers per episode.

    Add that to approx 3 million in the overnights and you're looking at an average of about 5 million per episode. To say it doesn't get the full 18 million plus viewers it used to is quite the understatement.
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  2. 2014

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    Isaac and Bobby spring to my mind, but yeah there's not many.
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  3. Bloody hell, it will be about 30 years since EastEnders have had anything anywhere near 18 million viewers, and even then it will have only been for a very special episode.

    Best comparison is the 10-13 million viewers it would get for Christmas just a decade ago.
  4. I'm getting so fed up on Gray not getting his comeuppance.

    I'm longing for Chelsea, Whitney and his ex-boss to tag team him in a Zoe, Sam & Chrissie vs Dirty Den way.
  5. Yes!! That is definitely what we needed this festive season!
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  6. Love Janine going undercover to scare Linda off. I hope she traps Mick and gets caught by Shirley bare riding him rotten.

    They're not going through with a bombing for NYE are they?
  7. Sam


    Is Gray going to die soon or what
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  9. The fact that they showed the first Johnny on screen tonight, completely ignoring the trope of the latest recast is the most recent shown. The absolute tea.
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  10. They did the same a little while ago with Michelle Fowler, showing a picture of Letitia Dean and Sue Tully. The time-space continuum that exists in Albert Square is unparalleled.
  11. I still remember them showing a picture of Sam Mitchell, as played by Kim Medcalf, about a week before Daniella Westbrook took over the role again.
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  12. Nothing against the actors at all, but the re-castings of Johnny and Michelle should never have been attempted. Johnny was shamefully underused when he returned and for Michelle it was a case of, why now? She hadn’t bothered to come back for the funerals of her father, mother or brother and her returning storylines seemed a bit out-of-character.

    The current Martin/Peter/Bobby (and indeed Janine) actors have been in it long enough to be accepted, but Michelle and Johnny weren’t.
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    I forgot how bad Nu Johnny was oh my God.
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  14. What a dreadful episode last night.
  15. They really said, "Drama, but make it anti-climatic" for the festive season! I obviously didn't want anyone to blown up, and I definitely don't want any wins for racists - but give me something!

    But kudos to Raymond for single-handedly starting some drama and then sitting back to watch it unfold. He's going to fit right in on the square.

    Also, Mick is really one of the worst characters in the show at the moment, and that's coming from somebody who really used to like him. I would happily switch him out for Linda. Janine deserves better.
  16. Yeah, I thought we would've had something in between, like Harvey running into The Albert at 11:56pm and setting the fire alarms off or something, so that everyone ran out in a panic and then the explosion would've gone off shortly afterwards once everyone was out of the way. That would've served the drama but without any casualties or wins for the racists (they could also have just fudged the impact of the actual explosion itself, to say it didn't do enough damage to destroy the Argee Bargee or something).
  17. Probably one of the the worst festive periods in the show - everything was building across all the storylines nicely over past few months and then nothing of note happened. I enjoy a slow burn as I hate rushed plots but they were really not willing to have anything of consequence happen. Linda remains amazing though, her drunk acting is second to none.
  18. This show is in the gutter.

    It’s not even a shadow of what it once was.

    How many more times can Linda and Mick be on break, why has Janine returned as a Carry On character? Gray is meant to be menacing but can’t act his way out of paper bag, where’s Ian? Sharon is fantastic but they are suffocating her with mundane baby plots, Kat is iconic but is being treated like loose change, Stacey’s wife is so annoying and the rot set in on Callum and Ben the minute they got married.

    One positive I didn’t think I would like the new Chelsea as much as I have.
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  19. New Chelsea is fantastic, a great character and Zaraah Abrahams shines when she’s on screen in the role. Hope she’s instrumental in Gray’s eventual downfall and is in it for years to come.
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