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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Exactly this! They really could have presented it in a way that had no casualties, but was still serving high drama.

    And this was my main problem with it. All the storylines felt like they were coming to a head for Christmas/New Year. I'm not one to complain about storylines dragging on, but I really hope that most of these aren't going to continue past their birthday week/month. If nothing else happens, then the Gray story at least needs to come to an end soon.

    I think she's great and I'm definitely here for her being a long term staple of the show!
  2. I actually like Stacey's prison missus! We're yet to get to know anything substantive about her, but she seems quite fun and I enjoy watching her interacting with people around the Square. I don't know, she just seems quite a promising presence. The whole premise of her being an ex-solicitor turned jailbird is quite interesting. Let's just hope they actually do her justice and build on that promise in the right way.

    I also agree about new Chelsea. She totally owns the character and has made the role her own in the best way.
  3. Happy return to full length (except on Tuesdays) episodes day!
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  4. Prison missus is brilliant! One of the best cast additions they've had in a while, bags of potential there.
  5. The 20 minutes have really helped quicken the pace this past year and a half. I feel it might start to drag unless they've been clever.
  6. Now I’m willing to suspend my disbelief when it comes to soaps - but Phil winning the toy he wanted from a grabber machine on the first go? Step too far, I’m afraid!
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  7. Have I missed something? On Tuesday it looked like Callum was being kicked half to death while Ben looked on, paralysed by memories of what happened to Paul. Tonight, however, both Callum and Ben are walking around without so much as a cut lip and all is fine, as though nothing has happened. Admittedly I did miss some of Thursday’s episode. Was Callum not the least bit narked that Ben hadn’t tried to help him?

    Disbelief not only suspended but killed stone dead.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I mean Ben should have severe brain damage at this point regardless.
  9. Sam


    Ben could ******* this ******* ***** ****
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  10. The gay gasp I let out at them bringing Detective Keeble back
  11. I know she's covering her tracks with keeping up a pretence to Gray, but causing a scene by chucking a drink in Whitney's face is exactly the essence of original Chelsea. Loved it.
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Now have her chuck a drink at Stacey.
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  13. Sam


    I want Janine to kill Gray and then kill Mick
  14. And then Bobby too, please
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  15. The perfect way to wrap up any and all storylines would be for Janine to just kill everyone one by one, break the fourth wall with a final monologue, and then get her own spin off show.
  16. Didn’t Phil agree to stay because he thought it would be a short sentence? Now that he knows it’s not, why doesn’t he go on the run?
  17. That’s Detective CHIEF Inspector - Lucy Beale’s murder investigation will get you a promotion

    I would not be displeased if DCI Keeble moved into the Square.
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  18. Surely the handling of the Lucy Beale case would NOT result in a promotion.
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  19. That year long mystery of who killed Lucy, combined with the reveal of Bobby in the live week was one of the best periods in the shows history.
  20. Someone has apparently quit...

    Danny Dyer - said to have been poached by Sky for a "six figure deal".
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