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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Friday's episode felt like the best one we've seen in absolutely ages.

    The Suki stuff was great, the Chelsea and Whitney alliance felt like it started to gather steam again after little mention since Boxing Day (obviously because of Jordan being in hospital but it still brought the story to a bit of a standstill) and I'm more invested in the Monroe drama than I'd initially thought I'd ever be.
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m all for Mick leaving but Janine killing a romantic interest again….

    Only if Linda joins her in the killing
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Mick doesn't deserve an iconic exit.
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  6. Good riddance.
    The path will be clear for Janine to become landlady
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  7. Why do people hate Mick? I’ve loved Danny’s stint on the show, great character and has had some brilliant storylines with the whole family dynamic when they arrived, the stuff with Shirley & Dean, Linda’s alcoholism, his abuse as a teen, Frankie. I’m really sorry to see him go.
  8. He's had a good run, but their over-reliance on Carter drama ending, will be a great restart for the show.
  9. I really liked Mick for a very long time and thought the Carters were part of some great storylines - the scene where Johnny came out to Mick the remains one of my favourite scenes of anything ever (and also pushed me to come out to my mum).

    For me, the problem came once they started putting the cracks in Mick and Linda’s marriage. While that’s typical soap fodder, it completely ruined both characters. And there was no real coming back from that, sadly.

    Also, the absolute dramatics of this headline! I’m sure the show will survive without him just fine haha!

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  10. Totally agree, Danny Dyer and the Carters have been great and have made a real impact on the show, but it's clear they've reached the end of the road now, especially with Mick and Linda's marriage. Their entire USP was the high school sweethearts/unbreakable angle. While it was obvious that wouldn't last once they arrived in Walford, it's now the same thing over and over again, and it's become really tedious seeing him and "L" having endless marital problems resulting in her going off to her mum's pub for a few months before she's back for another round.

    Give him an explosive exit storyline to remember and let's move on.
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  11. 2014

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    Mick and Linda have gone near enough the exact same way as Kat and Alfie (the male star gets his own show/s away from the soap, they keep breaking up ""beyond repair"" on screen) so this is an unexpected development. Dean's attack on Linda was the only good Carter storyline, everything else has felt so over the top, and every family member (even Nancy) has become unbearable.
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  12. Wonder what they'll do with Linda
  13. They'll just bring back Max and there'll be a protracted will/they won't/they love triangle thing and it'll drag on for months, I can see it now...
  14. I hope Mick leaving gives us some more iconic drunk Linda scenes.
  15. What the? Yesterday, Paul’s grandmother came over to see Ben and mentioned that Kathy had let her know about the attack. Today, however, Callum tells Kathy that the attack brought back Ben’s memories of what happened to Paul, and Kathy claims not to have realised.

    What is the point of Kathy? An iconic, original character woefully underused and rarely has any scenes with her one remaining son still in the programme. I get that Gillian Taylforth must have a part-time contract but surely they can do more with her than this, and at least not create continuity errors?
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  16. Kathy has been one big continuity error since her return.
    It worked as a one scene 30th Anniversary kii, but she hasn't worked since Oh At All
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    They need to show Kathy as a bottle girl at the Prince Albert.
  18. The second episode of EastEnders on the Drama channel today (from June 1999) included Charlie Brooks’ first appearance as Janine. She’s actually only the third actor in it that is in it currently (after Phil and Sonia), though the characters of Martin and Peter (as a child) are played by different actors.

    Does EastEnders have the highest cast turnover of the big three?
  19. Really excellent acting from Zaraah Abrahams tonight. She's fantastic and has done such a fantastic job of adding some depth and further layers to the character of Chelsea.

    That final scene with Whitney showing Chelsea having been completely manipulated by Gray was a complete knockout, I actually had to watch it over again because it was done so well and packed such an emotional punch.

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