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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Zarah Abrahams is phenomenal.
    I know it's gone on an age, but watching Gray gaslight Chelsea at their son's bedside, was chilling stuff.

    I don't know why Kheerat qnd Whitney haven't gone to Denise on the sly about it all. But anyway.
  2. The storyline is absurd. There is literally no reason Chelsea couldn't have told her mum & Jack about it all and showed them the website etc.
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  3. Totally agree, she’s incredible in the role. Completely nailing it and I hope to God Chelsea makes it out of this alive.
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    Zaraah is doing amazing, and Chelsea has always been such a brilliant character - this storyline happening with everything we know about what happened with Denise and Lucas....whew, when Eastenders get it right it's so right.
  5. It's a shame the rest of it is so dreadful at the moment
  6. Yes, for boring contractual reasons rather than creative ones!

    As a BBC production (taxpayer funded) it has a fixed budget for the cast, meaning that if a character has run their course and needs a rest, they release the actor and consider bringing them back at a later date.

    A show like Coronation Street doesn’t have “wasting money” restrictions so can keep a character like Ken or Rita or Audrey on a high salary and a part time contract with only a few lines each week for an indefinite period - this obviously adds to the show’s fabric and legacy but is a luxury that Eastenders does not have.
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  7. Now that ITV is doing a very un-ITV thing and extending its evening news coverage to 7:30pm, it means the soaps have to move. Emmerdale will move to 7:30pm Mon-Fri, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays, while Coronation Street moves to 8pm for three hour-long episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    What will the BBC do with EastEnders? Even in the era of catch-up, they’ll surely not want to clash? Tuesday from 8pm for an hour is free (especially as Holby City ends in March), as is Thursday from 8:30pm. What will they do with the remaining episode, assuming they don’t want to cross into the 9pm slot? Monday at 7:30pm, and go against Emmerdale?
  8. They seem to manage it with Kathy though? She must be on a part-time contract as she never gets any decent storylines and only seems to appear for a few scenes once every three weeks or so. Even Sharon to a similar extent.
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  9. Sam’s returning, with Kim Medcalf taking over the role again.
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  10. My favourite Sam
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  11. The sheer chaos of recasting a character and changing basically every personality facet of said character, then bringing back the original, and then bringing back the recast.

  12. Now bring back Chrissie or at least visit her in prison if she is still in it
  13. Unpopular opinion as it may be, I love Danniella Westbrook as Sam.
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  14. I literally gasped when I saw the Sam news. I much prefer her interpretation of the character.
  15. First Janine and now Sam 2.0?

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  16. The female cast is mad…
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  18. If they don't use Danny Dyers' paycheck to give the girls a raise...

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  20. It’s what they deserve.
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