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Dot's solo episode of Eastenders has been uploaded to iPlayer and BBC One are repeating her 90th birthday documentary at 8pm (BST).
I watched the documentary. What a star she was! Iconic is an overused word but Dot really was an ICONIC character in soap history.

I also loved June's sense of style - those outfits were great.
Sam getting the comeback Janine deserved

All for how packed the square currently is with iconic female characters but the writers have to deliver the goods to match their skills, something hasn’t really clicked with Janine’s return, it all feels a little forced.

New barman at the Albert was pleasing to the eye I must say.
The three queens unite to deal with Phil’s associate tonight. I can’t wait.
Her pining for Mick has honestly been the worst way for her to comeback. Can she switch and just finish off Gray’s job by killing all the Carters?
I’m wondering if that’s what will happen. We know Mick is leaving so is it possible she kills him after he eventually rejects her and goes back to Linda?
I absolutely think Janine & Mick will live as a couple for the next six months until Mick starts having an affair with Linda. Janine will find out and then… REVENGE!