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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I screamed! Sharon was delivering high camp this evening.
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    Her pining for Mick has honestly been the worst way for her to comeback. Can she switch and just finish off Gray’s job by killing all the Carters?
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  3. The three queens unite to deal with Phil’s associate tonight. I can’t wait.
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  4. I’m wondering if that’s what will happen. We know Mick is leaving so is it possible she kills him after he eventually rejects her and goes back to Linda?
  5. I absolutely think Janine & Mick will live as a couple for the next six months until Mick starts having an affair with Linda. Janine will find out and then… REVENGE!
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  6. Kim Medcalf coming straight out of the Kathy Beale school of ageing.
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  7. The Real Sam Mitchell™ coming back, having not aged a day, and being iconic in every scene?

    This is what the gays deserved in 2009, but I'm glad we finally got it.
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  8. An absolutely blistering return for Kim Medcalf. Anyone in any doubt about who should be playing Sam Mitchell in 2022 has certainly been put back in their place.
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  9. Gulp
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  10. For anyone unaware, new bar man Lewis is going to rape Ben.
  11. Had no idea where this was heading.

    Actor is still hot I am able to decipher fact from fiction fortunately.
  12. What?
    The plot @MrJames has spoilered up is what I was reacting to, not your taste or whatever
  13. If they don't have Kim Medcalf on a three year contract!!!!
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  14. Kat remains amazing.

    “You know, Sam, there’s two things I could never stand about you”
    Sam: “What’s that?”
    “Your face”.

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  15. Also “Your Mum was a legend, you’re not even a rumour!”. The writing has been superb lately.
  16. If you're going to steal a line from a film, may as well make it a classic I suppose.
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    It's 2022 and they're still pedalling these boring gangsta storylines. Kat is finally being given good material, yes, and Sam is firing on all cylinders, yes, but...it's so boring?? I don't understand why we should care.
  18. I don't know, Jean's almost sectioning was really strong drama for me.

    Also "What kind of mum brings her son to a gay bar in the middle of the day?" Icon
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  19. So many vaccant houses on the Square, and yet they're overfilling Sharon and Phill's... like how do all these people fit in these three bed houses, and let's not talk about The Vic having maybe 5 bedrooms.
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