So many vaccant houses on the Square, and yet they're overfilling Sharon and Phill's... like how do all these people fit in these three bed houses, and let's not talk about The Vic having maybe 5 bedrooms.
I’ve given up trying to figure out how the houses work in the Square from a bedroom perspective. I just accept people live where they live and upstairs is like a Tardis!
The house situation in soaps is always interesting. Especially since ratings have decreased and budgets have too. The space to have so many sets is expensive, and therefore however many houses there may be within the fictional sphere, having fewer sets saves on money.

In other news, how long until Jean is given a Midsommar meme for wearing that flower wreath.
It’s a very serious storyline and it was scary wondering what was going to happen to her, but… it was very funny watching Jean walk round Southend in that wedding dress and the make-up.

Reminded me a bit of the scene in Beautiful Thing where Tameka Empson’s character Leah steps out fully dressed as Mama Cass and nearly gets knocked down by a car as she hasn’t a clue what she’s doing.
Dottie is sneaking up to be a great character isn't she?

They need to not ruin her with a baby or something.

PS Jean anr Stacey in the sea was amazing. Reminded me of when Sean went missing on NYD years back
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Sorry to that man, but this show has always excelled when the women are at the forefront. Sam's return, Sam, Kat and Sharon's scenes together, Sam vs Denise, Stacey and Jean, Dottie and Bernie's blossoming friendship, Rainie! There's just so much good stuff going on with them at the moment.

The Jean episode in South End was truly devastating! The scene when she was talking to herself in the mirror could easily have become unintentionally funny - but it was so well written, directed and acted. Every moment of that episode was just brilliant! And that howl at the end! Bravo to all involved.

I do need Janine away from Mick as soon as possible, because he is really dragging her down. It was exciting to have her back, but they need to be doing something else with her. I really hope things work out differently for Sam's return because it's already been so good.
"You don't get to light a fire if you're not going to put it out!"

I, well it's an important story to tell, but it feels like Ben overkill, what with him committing these attacks and then straight into the sexual assault.
But it was a shocking scene (as someone who doesn't read specific episode spoilers, I didn't expect it to already be happening), and I hope they do it justice.


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The story may have been better for Ben’s character if it was someone he loved that got attacked rather than himself, but I don’t know how this storyline’s going to go - surely he’ll go even more destructive??
Well, that was a shocker. Not the car accident, I mean Janine actually seeming likeable for once. When she brought that person to fix Linda’s car, I assumed he was going to drive off in it and leave Linda high and dry. Even though Linda was threatening to tell all about the money, Janine still helped her.

I’m not getting carried away though, Janine claims to love Mick with all her heart but still scammed his own daughter. As you do.
Janine claims to love Mick with all her heart but still scammed his own daughter.
This is why she's a queen. No matter how much you love someone, you should never let that deter you from scamming their children.

I haven't seen any spoilers so I don't know, but I'm assuming Janine will drag Linda over to the driver's side to frame her for drink driving. Again... Queen!