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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Totally. Living for this mess & drama she’s created!
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  2. Iconic females behaving iconically at the moment.
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  3. Max Bowden is awesome in these episodes.

    Finally Kathy is involved in her son’s life again. Throughout the pandemic restrictions, she barely had a scene with him - presumably that was due to bubbles?

    I didn’t see it coming but the fact that his mum Kathy is the first person Ben told about what really happened makes perfect sense. Kathy was raped twice in her life so if anyone understands what he’s going through, then she does. Finally Kathy has a purpose again, after so long in the wilderness. She seems to have been in more scenes in the last two weeks than in the last two years!
  4. I still love how the writers keep the Kim calling Janine 'Janice' gag going
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  5. E3F2E602-871E-4B1F-90F6-CDC285C49EF7.jpeg

    Janine and Sharon are an electric onscreen pairing.
  6. On a bit of a roll is EastEnders.
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  7. Max was incredible in tonight's episode.
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  8. I wasn’t sure if Kathy’s first rape had been written out of EastEnders’ history*, but no, both it and resultant daughter Donna (died 1989) got a mention tonight in a well-researched episode (well, researched as in a quick read-through of Kathy Beale’s Wikipedia page anyway).

    I was almost moved to tears at tonight’s episode. A very long time since EastEnders has achieved that, but the iconic, original, back-from-the-dead character of Kathy and her younger son sharing their horrifying experiences was very moving.

    *Edit: having checked Donna Ludlow’s Wikipedia page, it would appear Kathy mentioned Donna to Rainie in 2019.
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  9. The anecdote about Kathy’s headteacher was also mentioned in 1997. Thought that was a nice touch.
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  10. Leticia’s delivery of thieving little bitch



    this was a momenT
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  11. Here’s the moment:
  12. I'm a week behind, but Janine moving Linda then running into the woods covered in blood....


    (That fit new mechanic, YAS)
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  13. Oh, how I miss Pat Butcher!
  14. The fact Pam St Clement is still with us, I cannot believe they killed her off.

  15. Seeing Pat in any of the classic episodes on the Drama channel is always like a warm hug. What a legend.
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  16. It was Pam St Clement’s decision to go but yes, she’s missed. I liked her once-unlikely friendship with Kathy in the 1990s, both being the former wives of Pete Beale. The back-from-the-dead Kathy isn’t quite the same without her.

    It can’t be too long before we have the infamous face-slapping incident by Peggy in the Queen Vic on the Drama channel after Frank and Pat’s affair is exposed.
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  17. Back to current EastEnders and I doubt Janine needs to rush to pack. Seems an almost certainty that Linda will have lost her memory of Janine’s involvement in the money and car crash, in order to drag the storyline out for longer.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I NEED Mick to finally just go.
  19. You know, I feel they'll drag it out till Christmas!!!

    They should just bin him off on like a Wednesday, but anyway
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  20. Mick is indeed leaving at Christmas.

    Looking like he will end his own life.
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