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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. She wanted to leave, but from what she's said since they had promised they wouldn't kill her off. But then Bryan Kirkwood decided what he decided and they killed her off instead. It was like Martine McCutcheon all over again. But really it ranks with killing Ronnie, Roxy and Abi as one of the most stupid decisions the show has ever made. They treated Pat's exit terribly too, so I don't know why they didn't just have her coming and going as and when was needed. I would have loved to see her reunited with Janine again.

    I'm loving the scenes between Stacey and Kheerat, they make me all giddy. The chemistry between the two of them is so good.

    And this Linda development is frustrating, but it's typical soap I guess. I'm just not looking forward to this potentially being stretched out for the next six months.
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  2. Pam had given them 25 years, like, killing her off felt so cruel, and a slap in the face. She should have been allowed to go and join Pegs in Portugal.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Sam Mitchell is giving the gays what they want.
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    Can Stacey and Kheerat have a scene like that please
  5. As this hasn't been discussed yet - Overall five characters have been axed from EastEnders:

    Peter - This one is a bit frustrating. We're losing yet another Peter, probably only for him to come back again in a couple of years time with a different face. I always felt like this incarnation of the character was probably the most like Ian and that really worked. But I guess in the absence of Ian they don't know what to do with the character.

    Lola - Another frustrating one. She should never have been axed first time round, and her return really showed why it was a mistake. But again it seems like once Ben's revenge return storyline was done, she was pushed to the side a bit. The character is still great, and I loved her pairing with Isaac, but she just didn't get enough decent storylines of her own.

    Dana - This one I completely understand. She's another one who really worked as part of a bigger storyline (The Aaron plot), but once that's done she's just there.

    Jada - Another one that I can understand. I never really understood why they needed to give Sharon another baby storyline when she's got Albie. And once the shock of who Jada - and Alyssa - was had worn off, there wasn't really anything else for her to do. And again, she didn't really seem to have any direction for where her character is going. I wonder if she is going to take Alyssa with her when she leaves.

    Stuart - I was really surprised by this one. But I guess when you look at what's currently happening between him and Rainie, it sort of makes sense. I've really enjoyed seeing the redemption arc of Stuart after everything that happened with Mick and Tina, so I'm genuinely going to be sad to see him go.

    I never really buy the whole idea that a character has run its course - I think if you want to find storylines for somebody then you can. But that said, if any characters were going to get the axe these characters would be low on my list of ones I would want to save.
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  6. And yet Billy is still there, talk about Deadwood.

    I'm just on Thursday's episode, it's firing on all cylinders at the moment, and we just know Ms Sharon Watts has a massive Autumn/Winter ahead of her, she's looking snatched!
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    Lola is the only loss.
  8. What does Billy even do anymore?! The show forgot long ago that he's a Mitchell and now he's just there selling tat and occasionally making moon eyes at Honey! Hopefully Lola will take him with her!

    Wait until you get to tonight's episode - I gasped!

    That's true to be fair! No idea what they were thinking with that one.
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  9. I'm only mad at Jada, I've been loving the little family they built up for Sharon and I feel like there is loads of scope in giving Sharon a surrogate daughter. If she takes Alyssa with her there was kind of no point to the whole storyline?
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  10. Sam, Sharon and Kat are taken hostage next week. Fabulous.
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  11. "Sonia's dull. She's boring. I like that about her. She works really hard as a nurse, then comes home, and there's always someone who isn't family she's looking after," she said.

    "At the moment, she lives alone and I like that. She isn't just looking for love all the time."

    "You have these big stars who come and go," she added, "but Sonia's like the curtains or the walls or the wallpaper. You need that for the soap opera to work."

    Natalie Cassidy is queen.
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  12. Surprised Nancy didn’t get a Julia’s theme exit.
  13. Is she leaving or is this just a temporary exit?
  15. Thanks. I had no idea. It wasn’t publicised was it? I thought she’d stick around for her dad’s exit (not to mention the possible exposing of Janine’s scamming of her).

    I hope they bring Lee and/or Johnny back for Mick’s exit. If he does die, it would be very unrealistic if none of them come bank.

    But yes, I was waiting for Julia’s theme. Been done on so many taxi exits before. At the time I assumed it was a just a temporary exit so didn’t warrant it.
  16. I have a feeling she’ll be back, there’s too much going on with the Carters at the moment for her to go permanently. Feels like they shoehorned in Zach sleeping with Sam just to give her a reason to leave for now. And there’s still the unresolved money scam and Mick’s exit.
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    Nancy was really grating this time around….
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  18. Yeah I won’t miss her.
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  19. Feels she left unexpectedly like Bernadette, Stu and Vi did a while ago. They all came back after 6 months. Nancy may be back for Mick’s departure.
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  20. Nancy was horrendous so good riddance.

    Glad Janine managed to leave her with nothing.
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