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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. The fact that legends Janine and Sam have collectively scammed Nancy out of all her money and destroyed her relationship and it’s her that’s leaving in the back of a cab, whilst neither have faced any consequences or seem to give less of a shit. I have to scream.
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  2. Not really Sam. Linda took the money from Janine, paid it to Denise for a share in the business, and then Denise had to pay Sam off. It’s Linda that doesn’t seem to care all that much that she had the money her own daughter was scammed out of. OK, so she tried to get it back from Denise, but that seemed very half-hearted.
  3. Don't forget that Sam shagged Zack as well, that was the final straw that pushed Nancy out of town. Queen.

    Talking off... did we ever actually find out who took the picture of Sam and Zack and publicly displayed it?
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  4. It would have been the driver. It was one of those "here's proof we delivered the package" emails and since Nancy was the one who ordered it - and I'm assuming it was her phone hooked up to the projector - the photo went to her. No idea why it took all day to be sent. And no idea why the driver took a photo of that and not just of the package on the doorstep, but I guess we're meant to ignore that haha
  5. Martin and Zac in the gym

    Tanya Franks also continues to be one of the best actors on the square. I hope they pile on the drama with her.
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  8. Yesterday’s second episode on the Drama Channel was the infamous face slapping episode at the Vic from November 2000, after Peggy found out about Frank and Pat’s affair. Was this one on a couple of years ago as a classic episode when new EastEnders was off-air? I can’t remember, but it’s been good to see the build-up to it.

    The trouble with those isolated classic episodes during lockdown was that you didn’t get to see the build-up or aftermath.
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  9. Here for this!

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  10. Not fucking Alfie!!!!
  11. Makes me wonder if they’re lining up Alfie to take over the Vic once Mick leaves (assuming it’s a permanent return and not a brief stint).
  12. Oh Christ. Literally the only character more irritating than Mick. I thought he was killed off in that Deadwater spinoff?
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  13. Resurrect Abi and leave Alfie way in the past!
  14. No, but when he was last in EastEnders, I seem to remember Kat thinking she’d killed him (and therefore the viewer thought that too) but when they returned to where the body was, it turned out he wasn’t dead and had gone.
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  15. Phil being assumed dead but turning up at the Peggys launch teas.
  16. 2014

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    Alfie should have died UGHHHH
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  17. I’m still playing catch-up after being away a few weeks, I can’t believe Charles and Camilla were actually on the square, or that I hadn’t seen any spoilers about it! That must have been a huge buzz for the cast and crew and it was a lovely break from the harder storylines.

    But Whitney Spears representing the 90’s with a song that was released in 2003, tuttut!
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  18. I just saw a headline that said… Shane Richie's EastEnders return 'saves' Jessie Wallace from axing after arrest.

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  19. What did we do to deserve this?! *cries* after his last stint where he almost died I hoped that we would never see him ever again.
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    I neeeeeed more Stacey and Suki scenes.
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